2 Virtual Races

I love when I can combine my training runs and virtual races and I was able to do just that!

Yesterday was my scheduled 10 miler for marathon training - but it was also my friend, Leslie's, Kickin' Asphalt Cupid Virtual 5k.   I fully know that 10 miles is not a 5k, but running more is always better.  Right?

If you are ever looking for a race you never need to go far.  Just check out Kickin' Asphalt.  Those girls  have a ton of virtual races lined up.  

Then today I was able to run Rachelle's Virtual 5k today for her Grandma's 96th birthday!  I had 6 easy miles on the schedule - again, not a 5k, but a run is a run!  

Today, the wind was brutal again and the "real feel" was -5F.  I wasn't about to run outside when I have a treadmill calling my name, so I woke up the husband and made him go to the gym with me.  Part of me felt a bit bad because he had just gotten home at 9pm last night from a brutally windy/cold 16 miler with the guys.

The guys started out at Joe's house, came to our house for water and fuel, then ran back to Joe's house  - there were reports of 50 mph wind gusts in Augusta.  I'm thankful it wasn't me out there running!  

While he was tired, he actually took me up on the offer because he did have 6 easy miles on the schedule today (just like me!)

Running on the treadmill today was perfect.  Not only did I not have to brave the brutal wind, I got to run with Ward, in a tank top, in front of a fan, while watching tv.  I also got to talk to Ward and that was fabulous.  I also realized that I can really force myself to slow down for recovery runs on the treadmill.  I succeeded in slowing down - 6 miles in 57:51!  Woo hoo!  

Have you done any virtual races?  I have a few more to do.  


  1. Love those capri's! They make me happy!

  2. I love the ski goggles. Brilliant... If the weather stays this crappy I will be adding those to my wardrobe!

  3. I love those capris too... I think I need some lol. Love that you were able to run on the treadmill with the hubs too!

  4. Nice! I found Rachelle's blog through her gma's race last year :) so awesome! I love the pic of the goggles lol

  5. I just did my first virtual race! LOVE it! I also signed up for Grandma Lill's. This is keeping me going in the winter.

  6. I have done one virtual rhalf marathon in January but plan to do more this year.
    I think I would consider running on the TM if it had a huge fan blowing on me. That is sweet!

  7. I haven't done any virtual races. I love the pants. Sometimes it is nice to slow things down and just get a run in. It is hard to do when you are feeling good but I am really trying to work on that.

  8. Way to go Jen! Thanks for participating:)

  9. Nice! I did my Grandma Lill last weekend. Fun and a great way to celebrate a lovely lady's 96th!

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  11. Great job on the treadmill! The guys looked really cold!

    I haven't done any virtual races lately. I always feel like I should do the exact miles, which is silly, but then I never do them because I always have to do more miles.

  12. The guys look sooo cold in that picture! Glad you guys had a chance to run on the treadmills together. I wish Allan and I could do that more.


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