Focusing on the Good Times

Last Sunday the Boudreau's and our friend, John, loaded up two cars and headed south for the Boston Marathon.  Once we got to Boston, our first stop was the Boston Marathon Expo.

Our proud 2013 Boston Runners here - Ward and our friend, John.  

And then I finally got to meet Lisa at Run Wiki!  She is just as beautiful in person as she is on her blog.  I wish we could have spent more time with her.  She was so incredibly sweet, ran a great race (BQ'ed again), and she and her husband made it home safely.  

And our husbands, Mr. Run Wiki and Mr. Running With The Girls got to talk a bit too.  I think I need to always refer to Ward as Mr. Running With The Girls.  I know he loves it!  

Then loaded up in the cars again, got a little lost but then made it safely to Ward and Wade's Aunt Judy and Uncle Pete's house.  By that point, Wade and I still had to run 16 miles, so we set out for our run.  After what seemed like the longest hill ever, Wade spotted a trail and we decided to explore.  

And we really liked what I saw.  I think it was the Whitinsville Water District, so we ran past two small reservoirs.  The trails were quite wide and well groomed, nothing technical at all.  A very nice change of pace and mostly down hill.  

Then the sun started to go down and we got cold, so we ran back to the house for a potty break and to add more layers.  Then we were off for more mileage.  This time we ran in town, past the brick mills and some really pretty homes.  We had a couple miles left in the run when Wade spotted a little gem.  

The track.  It was perfect timing, mostly for Wade, because he was able to leave me in the dust and get in some speed work, while I got in my own speed work.   

I didn't put in a lot of speed work, but I did throw in some surges and they felt great.  I was feeling rather tired after completing a 56 mile week.  That's one big week for me!  

For the rest of the night and Monday night, we did get to spend lots of time with family.  We don't see them a lot, but when we do, it's quite a bit of fun.  We are quite lucky to have such a loving family.  

It's been very hard to want to post the good parts of last weekend and Monday, but I thought it was necessary.  We need to remember to celebrate the good in our lives and live each moment to it's fullest. Spending time with friends and family always makes the top of my list of positives in my life.  


  1. Life is generally good, but yes, it has been difficult to focus on much else during this past week.

    We have to remember the good things; otherwise again, they win.

    And that's just not acceptable.

  2. I prefer to focus on the good too otherwise life is a little depressing. Looks like you and Ward had a great run!

  3. I love that you got to meet Lisa! She seems like such a sweet person. So glad you're remembering to focus on the good things. So important!

  4. Focusing on the good is definitely so, so important. It's so awesome that you go to meet Lisa. I'd love to meet her and you! xo

    Have a great Sunday with the family <3

  5. Focusing on the good is so important! And you are doing a great job hun!


    But it has been a very sad week. Keep your head up xo

  7. It is definitely necessary to focus on the good times!! No need to hide it, just also recognize what some other people are going through during this time.

    LOVE that trail you found!! I'm glad you got in a great run! And yes, I think Ward always needs to be called Mr. Running with the Girls.

  8. YES! Focus on the good! Remember our strength and loved ones. So important.

  9. I think you and Nancy convinced me to try the Virratas!

  10. I could have sworn I saw Ward at the start of the London marathon, I nearly asked the guy if I could take his picture but then chickened out - would have been classic :-)


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