Friday Favorites

Saucony Kinvara 4s
Last week I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home from school. 

Of course, like any blogging runner, I had to rip the box open, put them on and head out for a run immediately.  I did make a minor error with this and didn’t wear high enough socks, so around mile 4, I had the beginnings of some blisters, but they weren’t major. I wear men’s shoes due to my super wide feet.  The only drawback is that men’s shoes are a bit higher on my Achilles and I’ll get weird rubbing if I don’t wear high enough socks.  Lesson learned. 

ProCompression Trainer Socks
Ward had been asking for some low compression socks and since he’s running Boston on Monday, I thought I should be nice and get him some socks.  While I was at it, I ordered myself some purple ones. 

They are incredible!  They are just a tad higher than no-show socks, but that’s completely okay with me.  These socks have the same padding as the marathon socks but not the height.  Obviously. 

They also look kick butt with the sleeves.  I think this is going to be my new signature look.  If you are looking for some great deals for ProCompression socks right now, they have 40% and free shipping all marathon socks with the code BLG13.   In addition, ProCompression has another code for April – SOMF4 for their color of the month socks – which are all baby blue and purple socks.  

Boston Marathon
The excitement is building for sure.  I know so many people running this epic race on Monday.  This is not my year to run.  I’ve got quite a bit of work to do to earn the privilege to run this race, and when the time comes, you’ll all know.  This year is Ward, Mr. Running With the Girls’s 2nd year running the marathon.  I’ll be a spectator again this year, along with my kids, brother-in-law, and friend Sarah and her family.  I’ve got the BAA app downloaded to my phone and I also have all of the runners I’m following stalking bib #s added in on the ATT Athlete Alert.  

And so I can keep up with all of the following, tweeting, and facebooking while hanging out in Boston, I bought an external charger for my iPhone.  

What have been your favorites lately?    Share the love. 


  1. My new faves are my Kinvara 3's and my Mizuno Ekidens. I also got a Fast as (S)hell shirt yesterday that I will be rocking Bangor in tomorrow! HA!

  2. I am bummed that there is not feed, interet or tv, to Canada from the Boston Marathon on Monday... live that is.

  3. So cool! I need to gt that live feed tracker set up. I know at least 2 people running Boston. So excited!

  4. oooh so exciting to be in Boston again. I love Boston, only been once in early 1990 and not to run ;-)

    Good luck to Ward, not that he need them but hope his running wings are strong.

  5. Have so much fun this weekend!! I can't wait to hear all about it and good luck to Ward!

    Mike and I both got new shoes in the mail this week too, Mirage 3s for me and Kinvara 3s for Mike!

  6. Anxious to hear from you that you and your loved ones are safe.


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