There's Always Time To Fit In A Run & New Running Buddies

I've been at a Math and Science Conference for the past three days.   We're at a gorgeous facility with breathtaking views.  The only issue is that our schedules have been jam-packed with workshops and sessions, lasting until 6 or 8 pm.  For an active person like me, sitting in chairs for 10 to 12 hours has been absolute torture.  While I am getting something out of the conference, I have found myself sitting here obsessing about running, where I'm going to run and how long I am going to run.

Lucky for me, I happened to find myself sitting next to a wonderful young woman at one of my conferences.  Like how all of my conversations go when meeting people, running came up.  I was beyond excited to learn that she is a runner too!

Immediately we began looking at our schedule trying to figure out when we could fit in our run.  We found a small hole in the schedule, ran back to our cabins, changed, and took off.

Our first run on Tuesday, we took on some trails going up the summit.  The trails were quite muddy and challenging - meaning they were all uphill, which meant it was tons of fun!  After some trail running we made our way to the paved road that took us to the summit.  The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking.

On Wednesday, we decided to change things up a bit and run down to Lincolnville Beach.  Again, gorgeous views.  It was hard to return to the conference, but it had to be done.

Our little group ended the night with some drinks up on the Summit, then dinner in Camden.  If you've ever been to Camden, it's a gorgeous little coastal town.  Even at night.

Today, Thursday, there was no running.  But, during one of our mini breaks, we walked over to the fitness center to check out this stretchmate.  I really think I need one of these for myself.  There was a poster with suggested stretches, but I am positive with more time, I can come up with a wide variety of incredible stretches.  

On our way out of the fitness center, Melinda, my new running friend, noticed this quote on the wall.  

I want this to be me, one of those older ladies in my 70's and 80's who looks amazing and just keeps running.  

Have your gone out on adventure runs while away from home?  Tell me!


  1. Going to be doing that in Vermont next week! Woohoo!

  2. This makes me wanna come back to Maine so badly! Loved it there! Got the pretty headband and wore it on my run this morning. Thanks for the sticker too! :)

  3. Oh all the time. I travel a ton for work, so I am always trying to find a place to run. Some have been awesome, like a dirt trail along the ocean in Northern California. Some have been not so awesome, like Dubai. Between the stifling heat, the blowing sand, the crazy drivers, 10 lane roads, and lack of sidewalks it was a disaster. But, I always figure a bad run is better than no run at all.

  4. So fun to meet a new running buddy:) I have a hard time sitting still for that long too. I don't know how kids do it!

  5. I've run while on business trips before. Vegas strip in the wee hours of the morning (still dark) was probably the most adventurous. We stayed the night in Camden on our trip a few years ago and ate at a restaurant right on the water's edge. Lovely area! Glad you made a new friend and had some company while out in foreign territory. Running alone feels less safe when not in my own neighborhood.

  6. that is a long time to be sitting! The stretch thingy looks awesome.

  7. I'm glad you were able to get in a ton of quality and fun runs!! We always try to go for a run, hike or ride while we are traveling or somewhere away from home.

  8. That's a great quote! I'm glad you found a running buddy to join you. I know that made it more enjoyable.


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