4 More Days!?!?

I'm not really sure if I should even do this race on Saturday. 


I have a ton of self doubt going on.  Have I trained enough?  Do I have what it takes to actually complete this thing?  50K?  Are you kidding me?  I've been injured for the past 3 weeks.  I must be insane to think I can do it.  

There is an option of an early start - if my pace is going to be slower than 13:30 min/mile.  Hmm... I just don't know.  I just don't know what my body is going to be capable of.  I've never done anything over 26.2 miles and now I'm going to take on 31.1?  

My training up to this point
Running was going really well until the end of June.  Then all hell broke loose and I was in pain.  I experienced some pain on some runs, changed up my shoes.  Then had a really speedy run in some fun shoes I was testing out and not I'm officially injured.  See that 48 miles?  Not so sure that's Ultra Training there.  Pretty pathetic if you ask me.  

Thank goodness I bought that indoor bike a couple of winters ago.  It really is a lifesaver for Ward and I.  When his foot was feeling tender before Boston, he used it a bunch.  Now I basically live on it.  I set my laptop up, turn on the fan, get my water bottle ready and start cycling.  I know it's not the same, but at least I'm getting my workout in and everyone will survive in the house.  And I don't have to worry about schedules, fitting in running or anything with the bike inside.  I can bike anytime I want - even pause if to help the kids if I need to!  

not to mention the 90 minutes/ 25ish miles that are going on right now as I
blog and cycle at the same time!

What has gone wrong
I bruised heal on 6/16 jumping off a paddle board and hitting a rock - continuing to run on it (it didn't hurt at the time) and not I have plantar fasciitis!  

Some days it hurts like hell and I am not sure what I'm going to do.  Other days (like today) I feel normal again and I want to go for a long run.  But today I am not.  I'm playing it smart (I think) and staying on the bike today.  Since there are only 4 more days til the BIG DAY and I am not going to gain anything from a 3 mile run today.  

What has gone right?  
I've been seeing a physical therapist 3x a week, great stretches, ultra sound, cold laser treatments, and cortisone therapy.  I've been doing yoga more regularly.  I've been rolling ALL OF THE TIME!  Even bought myself a new, more dense one.   And I saw an athletic trainer a couple of weeks ago.  He made me custom inserts for my metatarsal issue and arch issue - which have felt fabulous!  He even looked at my training plan and did tell me I've run enough to complete the race and to consider this injury an early taper.  He's trained many runners for this particular race, so I'm holding on to that he knows what he's talking about!   He did say to plan on a run/walk strategy and I'm all for that.  I know I'm not going to win the race and I'm definitely not going to BQ at this one.  It's all about completion of this one.  Especially so I can put this sticker on my car. 

And earn this kickass medal/belt buckle!

In addition, I've lost 5 lbs in the past few weeks by eating far better - cleaner!  I have a review to share with you tomorrow.  You may be thinking that I didn't have any to lose, but oh I did!  I'm a stress eater and when I'm stressed (about not running) I eat.  I eat chips, pizza.  So I did gain about 10lbs.  My clothes weren't fitting the way they used to.   

Now, let's weather obsess for a moment of two.  I try not to.  But since the plan is to bring the entire family and camp out on the island, I'd like for it to NOT be raining.  If it is, they will spend some time with family members.  

So far - my friend Sarah has a meteorologist friend who says 70's, low humidity.  Just about perfect.  Especially for a race that starts at 11:30 am!  

Weather.com is saying this.  Pretty much the same.  Here's hoping!!!  

Now, since I'm going to do this for "fun" - I wanna put if for for a vote on how I should cross the finish line?   Do I do cartwheels?  Hands in the air?   Or crawl?  


  1. cartwheels if you can! crawling in tears if you have to. :) You can do it, I know you can. Just have fun and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Have a great race!

  2. I'm for whatever gets you across the finish line in one piece and with a smile if possible!

  3. Just cross that line smiling!

    You can do this!!

  4. Cartwheels! unless you are too tired then hands in the air!

    Hope your foot gets better soon!

  5. crawling cartwheels with no hands maybe ?? ;-)

  6. I had something similar before my first marathon - an injury late in the training cycle, but my doctor told me I could still run the race….it made me very anxious, but I did and it was great! I hope your foot holds up long enough to get you through it and just make sure you smile when you cross :)

  7. Will be looking to read all about it.

    Best wishes, Jen, for an awesome and truly memorable experience.


  8. Good luck this weekend! Praying your foot will be ok.

  9. Walking in an ultra is totally the cool thing to do. I promise you!! And if you're feeling on the fence about your injury, the walk/run is the best option (plan it though, versus walking only after you feel pain, etc).

    The rest is normal. My first ultra was the same: what will my body do after xyz mile, can I finish, will I make the cutoffs, etc.

    Enjoy the adventure and know your body enough to know if/when to stop. Go get that buckle & sticker and show'em off on your great blog :)

  10. That is the coolest belt buckle. Good luck this weekend. I bet you surprise yourself!

  11. I know you can do this, my dear! And hey, you are still running more than me. Don't ask how my training is going...haha. I can not wait to hear all about it and hopefully run with you soon! Miss you! xoxo

  12. I can't wait to see you! Cartwheeling or not (hopefully not...) it will be a great weekend!

  13. All the best with your 50k! You've got this!

  14. I would do the race, run/walk with the early start if you feel your foot might be an issue. Better to take it slow and easy and finish then to make an injury worse and have to leave the race and DNF. Good luck!

  15. Good luck, Jen! You've got this!


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