A Race on MY TIME!

I love races!  It's like the big hurrah for something I've been training for.  I put in the miles, now I want to see the results! But sometimes, running a race means big money.  Sometimes there's travel time, hotel stay, dining.   Sometimes even child care expenses.  Now that can get super pricey!  And what if you get injured beforehand?  Then you lose out on all that money.  Frustrating!

I have enough going on in my life right now that I don't really need all of that hassle.  I want a race on my time.  Something I can fit into my schedule and something I can even bring the kids with me if I want.  Tucker can ride his bike beside me and cheer me on and Izzy can ride along in the jogger.  They may even run a few miles with me.  Who knows.   I love that flexibility!  I am not saying I'm against organized races.  Heck, I'm even helping to organize a local one in October.  I'm just wanting to race a few more races with a great company when I can fit it in.

As I'm working my way back to (hopefully) where I was before, I'd like a more low key approach to races.   That's where Jost Running comes in.  Jost Running is a family owned, virtual race company that organizes 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and marathons each month.

Running with Jost Running is easy!  Just head over to Jost Running, register and pay for your race.  After you complete your race you share your results and then you get to compare your results with runners all around the world.  About a week before the race, you'll get an email from Courtney with your personalized bib #.  Now, I do feel rather silly pinning on a bib onto my shirt when there are no other runners, but I LOVE Courtney's idea!  

This month, I'll be running the 10k - which means I can run my race anytime from August 18th -25th.  

I'll also be running the September 10k (September 22 -28)  and October 5k (October 6-12).  

September Medal

I must admit, I do love the idea of getting a fun medal after completing a Jost Running race.  That's something you don't get with many 5k and 10k races.   And I like knowing what charity is behind the race.  Jost Running donates a portion of their proceeds to the ALS Association.  

Do you like virtual races?  Larger, organized races?  Or both?  


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