Clean Eating Made Easy

I know the best way to shed those pounds and feel better is to eat cleaner foods (ie limiting the processed foods).   

As a FitFluential Ambassador, I am lucky enough to work with some incredible bloggers, like Angela, who blogs at Eat-Spin-Run-Repeat.   Recently she launched her own ebook titled Living the Whole Foods Lifestyle: A  complete system for fast (clean!) food.  

Her book is full of time saving strategies (like buying frozen fruits and veggies) - along with time saving ingredients and kitchen gadgets.  Which, I know is incredibly important for me - as I don't have all day to prep food.  I'm really not sure anyone has that kind of time!

Her ebook was my jumpstart to my refreshed take on eating.  Pair that along with my food share, farmers market and goodies from my own garden - I'm good to go!  In all honesty, you don't even need all of those places to eat clean.  Her suggestions are so easy to follow, just about any grocery store has the items.   I've definitely seen and felt a difference from making my food intake more about clean, unprocessed foods as I've lost at least 10 lbs while not starving myself and I have far more energy to get through my day.  

I also love that her recipes are super easy to follow and quick.  Her ebook contains 13 easy and delicious recipes.  Not only are they delicious they've inspired me try my own variations of clean eating.

The first recipe I tried was her 5-Minute Bean Salad.  I omitted the pesto (only because I didn't have any on hand and was starving!), and the final product was delicious, even without the pesto.  I really like how she is open and flexible in her recipes.  For example - in this one she writes (mixed beans of choice).  So, you can change up the recipe each time you make this dish and get a different, yet still delicious meal.  

If you are looking for a jumpstart on your clean eating or another resource to pull some great recipes from, I highly recommend you check out Angela's ebook.   You can follow Angela on facebook, twitter, or Instagram (@eatspinrunrpt) for more healthy eating tips and ideas.  


  1. Cool - thanks for sharing this!

  2. that bean salad looks so good, of course i am starving now so i just got even hungrier, time to eat!

  3. It's so easy and incredibly tasty!


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