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Hey there Spartan racers and aspiring Spartans!  I have some exciting news for you today!  Spartan Races have teamed up with NBC to bring obstacle racing to everyone's living room.

As you know, I'm training for my first Spartan race this fall, so I am quite excited by this to see what some of the obstacles are like!

At the Spartan Race World Championships in Killington, Vt on 9/21, NBC will be filming 8 professional athletes and 4 everyday Spartans.  This will result in a 90 minute special that will be aired on NBC Sports Network on 10/19.  I cannot wait to see this!

Even better is that you could be one of the everyday Spartans selected to be part of the TV special!  Pretty cool, right?  If you aren't registered for the Killington Spartan, there is still time!

If you are interested, Spartan has opened up a Spartan Sprint at the World Champion Weekend in Killington, VT on 9/21 at a special price for $40.  Register here. The price is only good until 8/17.  

Or if you miss out on the $40 deal or want to do a different Spartan, I have a link that will get you 15% off any open heat in a Spartan race for the 2013/2014 season, here.

Or, do you like how this keeps going on and on?  Trust me, it only gets better!

You could chance your luck and try to win a free pass right here on my blog!  That's right!  Spartan has given me another free pass to giveaway!   It's really simple to enter, all you have to do is tell me which Spartan you would like to do if you won in a comment below.  The list of Spartan events are here for your reference.

You can also earn another entry by tweeting the following and copying your link below in a comment.
"Aroo!!  I want to win a Spartan entry from @SpartanRace and @RunningWTG"

A winner will be chosen on Monday, 8/19.  I will email the winner, so be sure I can get in contact with you!!!


  1. Cecil @ Dreadmill DrummerAugust 16, 2013 at 8:35 AM

    I'd run the Nebraska Spartan Sprint in October.

  2. Cecil @ Dreadmill DrummerAugust 16, 2013 at 8:36 AM

    Totally tweeted the tweet to Twitter!

  3. I would absolutely do the Fenway Park Sprint Event. A race and Fenway park? Doesn't get any better!

  4. I want to do 4/12 Citi Field - New York | Queens

  5. The one in Chicago!

  6. Okay too cool! I'd want to do another Super or Sprint. I'm pretty iffy on the Beast since I'm pretty sure I told myself that one Beast was enough after my last one! I'd love to do any in Canada...although the one in Hawaii....oh my yes!

  7. Definitely Fenway Park.

  8. I tweeted -

  9. I'd love to do the Texas Super.

  10. I'd run the Sprint in Tampa!!


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