Technology ROCKS!

Technology has definitely made my life a lot more efficient.  Some may even say I'm addicted to technology.  I'm going to take that as a good thing!

Staying Connected
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and texting are all pretty darn awesome at staying connected with the various people in my life.  Especially since every time I pick up the phone to call anyone, my kids all of a sudden decide they need to scream, cry, or just act completely insane.  

It's pretty awesome to be able to post a picture out on a run!  

I track my runs through Runtastic, then track my workouts onto Daily Mile through the Electric Miles app.  I even have the Yoga Studio app on my phone that I use a few times a week.  Plus, if my phone is with me, my music is with me!  I also enjoy doing challenging through Instagram - it's a great way to keep myself motivated.

In addition to the accountability factor, I love the safety factor of having my phone with me when I'm running.  For me, it's a necessary running "accessory" to take with me.

Shopping and Bills
I have an app for my auto insurance which means Ward and I always have proof of insurance with us.  I am a huge fan of internet shopping - Amazon, eBay, and Groupon are three of my favorite sites.   The Target Carwheel app is pretty amazing as well since I can save even more money on things I regularly buy! And I can stay up-to-date with my banking information while depositing checks into my account by using my bank's app.  How cool is that?

I really don't use my regular camera anymore since my iPhone came into my life.  It's so convenient to take pictures and share them on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram with only a few swipes.  I even download my iPhone pics to Snapfish so I don't have thousands of pictures taking up precious memory on my phone.

 With the power of technology, I was able to share Izzy's first race experience ever within minutes to all of our friends and family.  This is just truly amazing.

How has technology enhanced your life?  


  1. I'm so with you on this, in a world where half the population is trying to knock technology back down a notch too. I'm even a pro photographer, but I sooo value how the iPhone (and others) has put cameras/photos into everyone's hands, every minute of the day. Enjoy!

  2. It has enabled me to power my connections to a whole other level! It has also enabled me to connect with you! :)


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