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A 10k With Friends #JostRunning

Yesterday morning I was finally able to meet up with 2 of my 3 girls.  We haven't been able to run together work for months.   I've missed these times.   The miles flew by with great friends and catching up on the happenings going on in our lives.  We were sad that Jill wasn't able to make it.  Soon we will all be back together!

While this morning was a fantastic run with great friends, I also ran it as part of the Jost Running's Soaring 10k.

I am excited to receive my new medal from Jost Virtual Racing.  Isn't it awesome?

The thing about Jost Running is that you are donating for a great cause, earning a fabulous medal and "competing" with runners world-wide.  Check out the results here!

I even came in 1st place for the August Home Run 10k series!  Pretty awesome!

Next Month, Jost Running's theme is Oktoberfest and the medals double up as bottle openers.  That's a lot of fun!!  I've never received a medal that I could actually use.  The be…

Sponsored: SD Pharmaceuticals Review #SDPharma #FitFluential

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of SD Pharmaceuticals.  
I get a little uneasy trying new things without knowing a little bit about the company first and what they want me to put into my body. 

SD Pharmaceuticals is a Cut Above the Rest SD Pharmaceuticals has a research team that only produces the most sophisticated ingredients and formulas.  The products they use have been through the most rigorous tests and have to be clinically validated in human research studies.  If the ingredients do not have solid research and evidence behind it, SD Pharmaceuticals will not use it.  Another important note about SD Pharmaceuticals is that they will only use the most potent forms of the ingredients - which means pharmaceutical-grade synthetics and exclusive  standardized herbal extracts.  

Stacking Supplements?   I've never heard of "stacking supplements" before.  When it was suggested as an option in the information I received from SD Pharmaceuticals, I w…

What AM I training for?

This question was shouted at me the other day by some smoker down the road, while I crossed the road to get away from his gross second-hand smoke.   While he snickered at me.

When I told Ward about it, he said I was being overly sensitive and the guy is just jealous.  Uh.  I disagree.  I am pretty harsh when it comes to smokers.  I used to be a smoker.  I was one of them. Shameful I know!  Now the smell makes me want to throw up.  I also harbor resentment for smoking in general because my mom was a smoker and she died from lung cancer just a little less than 7 years ago.  Obviously I have issues.

Anyway, this guy's question got me thinking.  What AM I training for right now?  The answer is - life. I'm training to be the happiest and fittest I can be - while making the best of every moment I can with my family and friends.  

When it comes to running - my race schedule is rather short.  For now.  

On October 14th, I'll be doing the Tufts 10k again with the FitFluential/Ree…

Guest Post: Staying Motivated with an At-Home Yoga Practice

It can be difficult staying motivated while practicing yoga at home. With work, stress, and fatigue, it can be all too easy to neglect yoga and fall behind on your yoga practice. With these simple tips, you will find and maintain the motivation needed to continue practicing yoga in your home. Understanding Your Goals Many people embarking on yoga have specific goals in mind: gain flexibility, strength, peace of mind, lose weight, etc. Indeed, yoga can help you achieve any one of these goals, but it is important to realize that, like with any other exercise regime, you won’t hit your goal by your second practice. That’s the beauty with yoga--as you practice moving your body to each breath, you learn to be patient. Understanding this aspect of yoga will help you keep motivated as you begin and maintain your yoga practice at home.

Create a Routine The best way to maintain your at-home yoga practice is to commit to a routine. With streaming technology it’s extremely easy to have a plet…

Hydration is Key & Oral I.V. is Here to Help!

Something I've learned over the years is that hydration is vital when it comes to performance and feeling good.  While I do drink a fair amount of water each day, I do admit that hydration aids have a great affect in maintaining my levels of hydration throughout the day and throughout my training.

Oral I.V. is one of the many hydration aids available but it is unlike all of the others.  Oral I.V. is a proprietary formula of crystalloid electrolytes that aids in hydration and does not use sugar, caffeine, stimulants or any other artificial ingredients.

I had two packs of Oral I.V. sent to me to try out.  Of course, Ward had to get in on the action and tried it as well.   Since he has been marathon training all summer long, I really couldn't say no.

Our thoughts: 

small, easy to transportno taste - which was a positivedefinitely did not feel a crash after using - a major bonus for me!How to use:
You can twist the little cap off the top and drink it as is or you can add it to you…

Oooh Ahhh.... My Feet Feel Fantastic!

Since June, I've been experiencing foot issues and have realized more than ever that I need to take care of my feet and keep them happy or consequences will be paid.  I'm not willing to give up running, so taking care of my feet is jumping to the top of my priorities.

I found out about AirFeet on Facebook during the height of my foot woes and was immediately drawn to the ailments that AirFeet insoles help cure.  Curious about those ailments?  I know!  I was too.  Here's the list and the link for further explanations:   Athletic Exhaustion  (um, yes!)Arthritis Back painBunions (yes again)Burning FeetCalluses/Corns (yep)Diabetes PainFlat FeetFoot Pain (yes)GoutHeel and Bone SpursHigh Arches (oh yes)Hip PainKnee Pain (uh yep!)Morton's Neuroma (oh yes)Metatarsalgia (another big yes)Plantar Fasciitis (yes)Poor Circulation  Being able to relate to 50% of the ailments on that list, I was definitely convinced I had to contact the folks at AirFeet to inquire about reviewing the…

Spectating is a sport

This past weekend we drove down to Allentown, PA for the VIA Marathon.  Our first stop was the expo, which was at Steele Stacks in Bethlehem.  They were amazing to see.  

After checking in at our motel, it was time to eat.  Eating out is always a gamble when traveling.  Next to our motel was this tiny little place named Little Italy.  I was a bit apprehensive to eat there.  However it turned out to be the best choice we could have made.  Ward and Wade had their pasta and I was completely in love with my choices.  

I indulged in some Yuengling and Stromboli.  I may have eaten too much especially considering I was not running a marathon or any significant distance at all over the weekend.  Oh well!  We only make it to Pennsylvania once or twice a year so I have to just let go and enjoy.  Right?   The Guers Iced Tea wasn't from dinner but I had to post about it because it is a childhood favorite of mine and it is definitely required to to get a couple of them when we visit the area.…

The Week In Workouts

As I type this we are on our way to Allentown, PA for Ward and Wade's marathon.  Tomorrow morning they will be running the Lehigh Valley Marathon.  Izzy and I have come along to provide support.  I'm excited for this marathon even as a spectator because this course was created by the one and only Bart Yasso.  Maybe I'll even get to meet him!  
On my own workout front, this week has been a great one. I'm feeling strong and recharged.  
Monday I was supposed to run with Carrie. But the torrential downpours and thunderstorm had other plans.  She had 18 miles on the agenda and I was thinking I wanted to do 10 for Mommy Run Fast's #fall5and10.  After we cancelled I decided I would head to the gym to get in some treadmill miles instead.   After 1 mile on the treadmill I realized the downpours had stopped so I turned off the treadmill and headed outside as quickly as possible.  
It was a slow and easy run but it wax perfect. Lonely though.  There was a slight mist for most o…

Looking Back At August

August was a time of regrouping, refocusing, and getting stronger.  I'd definitely say I've done that for sure.

My mileage - 58 miles.  And just about every step was fun, easy, and pain free.  That makes me smile!  I did take 2.5 weeks off from the end of July into August.  My first day back to running was 8/8.

I've done quite a bit of running with the kids.   Which is always fun.   Tucker is needing a little more encouragement, but it's all good.

However, I focused on getting stronger and I've done that for sure!  I was a backer for Gracie's Gear - a sports bra made by a running momma who knows her stuff, with a pocket in the front - for phones, iPods, fuel, keys, whatever.  An added bonus for being a backer was 1 month of bootcamp.  Her bootcamp was geared towards runners - strengthening our legs, our core, our arms.  Exactly what I wanted to do anyway.

Here's my progress:

Progress people!  
I feel stronger and more in shape than I have in a long time…

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