What AM I training for?

This question was shouted at me the other day by some smoker down the road, while I crossed the road to get away from his gross second-hand smoke.   While he snickered at me.

When I told Ward about it, he said I was being overly sensitive and the guy is just jealous.  Uh.  I disagree.  I am pretty harsh when it comes to smokers.  I used to be a smoker.  I was one of them. Shameful I know!  Now the smell makes me want to throw up.  I also harbor resentment for smoking in general because my mom was a smoker and she died from lung cancer just a little less than 7 years ago.  Obviously I have issues.

Anyway, this guy's question got me thinking.  What AM I training for right now?  The answer is - life. I'm training to be the happiest and fittest I can be - while making the best of every moment I can with my family and friends.  

When it comes to running - my race schedule is rather short.  For now.  

On October 14th, I'll be doing the Tufts 10k again with the FitFluential/Reebok team.  This time I'll be running on Carrie Tollefson's Team!  That's right - I get to run with an Olympian.  Of course she'll be jogging with the team and I'll probably be sprinting to keep up with her.  But it's going to be a blast!!!

Training for this race has been fun because I'm really focusing on making running enjoyable and not about stressing about the mileage and paces.  I want to run pain free and with a smile on my face.  So far, it's going okay.  I do have some pains, but I'm being smarter this time around.   I've been taking more rest days than I would have before.  I've been doing far more yoga and rolling than before as well!

Plus, Reebok has been quite generous and sent me a bunch a great new running clothing and the new Reebok One Cushion for training.  FABULOUS!

 I was super nervous about the shoes and my recent injuries, but after 2 runs in them, my feet are saying THANK YOU!  Wow!  And, my weirdo wide feet actually fit them!  Awesome.  No men's shoes for me in Reeboks!

Then on October 20th, I'll be doing the MDI Relay with Stacy and Jill while Carrie does the entire marathon.  We are going to be Team Pirate Bootie and will be sporting out skull print Spandits.  I think we're going to make Carrie carry a bottle a rum.  Sounds fair, right?  Right now, it seems like Jill will have the 1st leg, Stacy the 2nd leg, and I'll get the last leg with Carrie.

Then, because we're crazy, Stacy, Carrie, Jill, Karen and I are going to head down to Fenway to do the Spartan.  100% bleachers.  OUCH!  In terms of training for this particular race, I've been doing far more strength workouts than I've ever done.  Focusing on core and body weight.  Lots of push ups, lunges, squats, burpees.  However, I have yet to climb a rope and I haven't done a single bleacher yet.  Ugh.  I have done hills, but I don't think they count.  My goal this week is to do 30 minutes of bleachers.   I know I can do it!    I kind of have to anyway.  Right?

Speaking of burpees, I chaperoned Tucker's field trip on Friday to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine.  An absolutely gorgeous place to go.  I cannot believe it was my first time going there.  One of the sections of the gardens was Burpee Kitchen Garden.  So of course, I had Tucker demonstrate burpees to our group.

Such a great kid!  

Tell me.   What are you training for?  

Disclaimer:  I was sent Reebok gear through my relationship with FitFluential and Reebok for the purpose of training for the Tufts 10k.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  


  1. THIS IS SO AWESOME! I love Carrie! I remember reading an article about her on Runner's World and she sounded so down to earth. You must be so excited! Congrats! Me? I am not training for anything right now because have a foot problem that finally my podiatrist decided to do surgery on and I am happy (ok, never thought I'd say that about surgery) because this has kept me from running...and I'm ready to recover and get back to running! Can't wait to read how your races go!

    Maria @ The Good Life

  2. Becki @ Fighting for WellnessSeptember 21, 2013 at 10:45 PM

    Look forward to hopefully meeting you at the Tufts 10k!

  3. LOVE those skull pants!!! Awesome!

  4. Sounds like you've got plenty on your calendar to me! Love the Spandits!

  5. Ohh I love the looks of those shoes! so bright and the orange shorts too, I am kind of in love with orange right now for some reason.

  6. Super exciting Jen! I wanted to do this again, but will be running (hopefully) the BAA half the day before...not sure I could do a 10K the next day ;)

  7. Haha cannot believe it was called Burpee Kitchen Garden .. for REAL, thats brilliant :-)
    I'm not training at teh moment still dealing with plantar fasciitis but I'm getting there, pain is way less than before.

  8. "Training for Life" ... that is perfect. :)

  9. Michelle@Running with AttitudeSeptember 22, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    Love the Tufts 10K! Like Amy I'm running the BAA half the day before but am still leaving the door open to run it as a recovery run :)

  10. Training for Chicago and Cape Cod Marathon, then SPARTAN! I'll see you there:)

  11. Love the "training for life" mantra!!!! I actually just wrote about how much I've enjoyed a recent couple of halfs that I've run with friends for fun. It really does a heart good to do that admidst all of the other tough training we may do the rest of the year.
    Have fun @ Tufts 10K!!! Such a great race :) And you're braver than I, doing a Spartan race!!!!

  12. Love the new shoes! Glad they are working out for you!

  13. "Life" would have been the perfect response to that smoker:) I have a hard time understanding why people don't look at what their future will look like if they don't change their unhealthy habits. It's so sad.

  14. Life is always what I say too! I can't wait to FINALLY meet you at MDI!!


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