3 Things Thursday

Hello Thursday!  I don't about where you live, but the weather here in Maine has been outstanding.  80 degrees yesterday, 75 today.  Wow!  Amazing.  But then I read on facebook that some of my friends in other parts of the country are expecting snow.

1.  I've signed up for a Run Streak challenge with my friend Tara on facebook.  At first I was hesitant because I'm not focusing on mileage and just running.  But then I thought, but even with that, I can still just run a mile.  So why not?  Three days in and I'm still running.  
Tuesday (10/1) - 5 miles for Laura's Fall 5 and 10 Virtual Run Series.  
Wednesday (10/2) Tuesday - 1 mile.  
Thursday (10/3) - 20 minutes of bleachers, paired with a 400 m warm up around the track and a 400 m cool down around the track.  

my view Tuesday night - gorgeous!

2.  I've been working on training for Spartan Fenway for the past couple of weeks by focusing on getting in one bleacher workout/week.  Last week I did 20 minutes on the bleachers and today I got through 20 minutes of bleachers.  I wanted to do more, but had other commitments to get to.  However, lets add that to the 25 minutes of the T25 Lower Body workout I did two days ago, the leg workout I did at the gym over the weekend, and then the striders I did yesterday....my quads are feeling it.  BIG time.  So tonight I decided to cover my quads and my back with some Tiger Balm.  I've been using it the past few weeks on my calves and arch when they ache.  It takes a few minutes to set in, but when the ointment sets in and starts to do its thing, I start to feel a general sense of warmth in the areas where I applied the ointment.  The warming sensation will last for quite a while and I usually wake up with a much happier body.  Have you ever tried Tiger Balm?  It's definitely a potent little jar of heat that helps out with sore muscles.    Full review coming!  And be on the lookout.  There's a giveaway!  

3.  Tomorrow is Day of Caring at GAHS.   The event is a community service day when high school students go out into the community to make a difference by cleaning up public places.  My group is one of the 13 groups heading to the KRRT, one of my favorite places to run, to cover up the graffiti under one of the bridges.  It's going to be a blast and my students are so excited they are going to be able to do the painting and have a lasting impression on the community.  Here is a little article about a neighboring school and their Day of Caring a couple of weeks ago.    We will be painting this wall.  I'll be sure to post the end result!  

How was your Thursday???  What are your plans for the weekend?  


  1. Yep, tiger balm is kept on hand around here. Hope the streak goes well. I just don't think my body will allow me to run every day - even if it's "just" a mile. Sigh.

  2. Never heard of Tiger Balm. Glad someone had amazing weather yesterday, it wasn't here that's for sure! I think it will be back next week for awhile though,

  3. I'm glad you are having wonderful weather! I hope it gets a little bit cooler for MDI, though! It has been warmer here, but you never know it could snow here next week! Rochester is a bit bipolar.


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