Do you Sociercise?

Happy Friday everyone!  I wanted to share with you that I've been selected to be a Sociercise Ambassador.

What exactly IS Sociercise?  Pronounced So-sur-size, it's a way to exercise socially.   Sociercise consists of a website and a free to download Real Time Running Races app for iPhone.   No worries Android users, there's an app coming for you soon!  The app allows individuals to compete in real time races and virtual charity races.

I've been participating in quite a few virtual races lately, and I do love running on my own time, but I love the real time racing.

Okay, so tell me more about Sociercise!   There are many aspects to Sociercise.

Real Time Running Races - Sociercise users can race against other uses from any location in real time.  In these races, race participants can track their progress their progress in real time again other real runners.  While competing against each other, you will hear audio prompts when (if) you get passed and will be able to see your course through integrated Google Maps.  

I'm going to be setting up my own Real Time Running Race soon!  Who's going to "run with me"?  Details coming soon!

Virtual Charity Races -  The main mission behind Sociercise are the charity races.   Through the virtual charity races, organizations are able to raise money for their charity without all of the risks, expenses, and challenges associated when putting together a traditional race.  Participants will be able to collect pledges for each mile they complete or set donations on the Fun and Fair pledge process on the website.    It's easy to register for a virtual charity race and you can run anytime, anywhere, and as often as you'd like to log the miles using the iPhone app.  When the racing period has come to an end, the system calculates the donations based upon the pledges per mile and distance completed by the runner.  Another BONUS - there are PRIZES TO BE WON - in difference categories like most miles run and the most money raised.  A previous charity race had Skora shoes to be won.  Awesome!

Register here

Individual Workouts - They are just that.  If you are not in the mood to be competitive  but still want to run - this is perfect for you!  You can set you goal distance or do a free run and the app tracks your time, pace, distance, and course on the Google Map.  Sign up here.

Workout History and Goal Setting - Being able to go back and see your history, your progress, and setting goals is the best thing about an website or app.  I love tracking my workouts and seeing the progress.  It's much more motivating for me.  Sociercise gives you several ways to track your progress with graphs, history log, and goal setting (distance, calories, weight loss, time).

Follow Sociercise on Facebook and Twitter!  You'll get information on upcoming virtual races and the prizes.

So - raise of hands - who's in with me?  I'm so excited!


  1. My first thought was, great another app. but you sold me :) I am in, now if I could just get back to running! and maybe one of the prizes will be a pair of Spandits ;) I especially like the virtual races part I have such a hard time keeping track of those this will make it so easy

  2. Sounds like a great idea!

  3. Louise Bourque CunninghamOctober 19, 2013 at 10:36 PM

    I might be persuaded... ;)


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