Goodbye September, Hello Race Month October!

Looking back at September and my new, relaxed approach to running, I'd say it was rather successful!  I'm running by feel and running to be happy.   I'd call it a success on all accounts.

I'm not stressing about missing runs either, because I don't really have a plan.  So, how do I keep motivated?  I have registered for some races that are coming up very soon - knowing this, and knowing I just want them to be fun, has kept me motivated enough.  

However, my workouts are not only consisting of running.  Those days are gone, gone, gone.  

Given the injuries I've faced over the summer - I'm focusing on my core, leg strength, and overall strength.  I feel that focusing on these areas have definitely helped me to stay away from the injuries.  

my little buddy!  

Elliptical and Rowing
I've definitely been hitting up the elliptical and rowing machine much more lately, and I am loving them!!!  They make for a great addition to my workouts and a very nice change of pace.  

A few weeks ago I purchased the T25 program.  I found a great deal from a yardsale group on facebook and the box was still sealed.  After doing four workouts from this program - I've got to say that they are going to kick my butt!  I love that timer is on the screen the entire time and counts down the time you have left of the workout.  This is great especially for the times when you are just done, feel like giving up and then I look at the clock and I tell myself that I can definitely get through the next 9 minutes!  Last night I did lower body and today my legs are feeling it.  Such a great feeling.  

Spartan WOD 
Since I'm registered for Spartan, I decided to sign up for the Spartan Daily WOD.  Each day I have a workout emailed to me.  I haven't done them all.  But I've definitely done a few.  They've alway been challenging and left me feeling like I've worked hard.  

Circuit Training
When I work at the gym, I can use the weights.  Which is great, but I only work there 4-5 times a month.  Which means I don't do a whole lot of weight training.  I know I can go there whenever I want.  And I can also walk the 20 steps to the Fitness Room at the high school to get the workouts done.  I'm just enjoying doing my mix of strength through T25, Spartan WOD, and weights.  It's working for me right now, so I'm going to stick with it!  

Last week I took on the bleachers for the first time. Why do bleachers?  Because Spartan Fenway is all bleachers.  Ouch!  I set out for 30 minutes, but 5 minutes into the session, I reevaluated and changed it to 20 minutes.  It was HARD. So hard.  I'm pumped I did it.  I'm pumped I felt great doing it.  This week I'm focusing on 25 minutes.  

Goals for October!  

Run Every Day
I did sign up for my friend's October Challenge to run every day for the month of October.  At first I thought I shouldn't, but really, I'm not doing 7 or 8 midweek runs anymore.  I'm not focusing on speedwork.  If it takes me 16 minutes to do a mile, so be it.  It will be a fun challenge that I know I can do.  Even with the kids!  

Races this Month

Continue with the cross training, strength, yoga.  

Oh and just because this is a September recap, I've got to share my mileage.  
(oops, I beat Carrie!)  

82 miles!!!  I'm getting there.  

How was your September?  What are your workouts consisting of?  A combination?  Only running?  


  1. As much as injuries suck, sometimes I think they force us to change things up and it all works out for the best. Kudos to you for making the most of September! All the best with race month!

  2. It seems as though you have found a great balance and the mindset change is a positive one. I look forward to seeing you guys at some of the upcoming races. I will be at some of them that do not have huge hills or trails (still not ready for them). Injuries do change your outlook on things.

  3. Louise Bourque CunninghamOctober 2, 2013 at 7:10 AM

    WOW.. you are amazing! And btw.. I did 82 last month too!!! Nice to see I kept up with you in mileage for once!

  4. 82 miles is so many still! I don't think I've ever gotten much over 50. Great job.

  5. No worries! I can't wait for MDI and the Spartan!


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