I am a Kindrunner and Proud of it! @BeAKindRunner

Being a Kindrunner Ambassador and customer has it's advantages, like getting packages like these in the mail.

Now I have a great running shirt - that fits perfectly and looks awesome to wear and some new Brooks socks.  I have actually received 2 other pairs of the same Brooks socks before because I was one of their first customers and receive a pair of socks with each order.

I never would have chosen them (sorry, Brooks) if I was shopping for them in a store or online, but now that I've worn them, and I've worn them a lot, I'm really liking them.  They are the cushioned Brooks socks and they are no-show.  After TONS of washings, they are still soft and comfy.  While they are cushioned, I haven't felt like they were too warm for summer at all.

a little peek of my "no show" Brooks socks!

Representing a company who goes above and beyond the norm in shoe/gear sales, is beyond exciting.  When I wear my Kindrunner shirt, I am proud of the company I represent.

If the Kindrunner website doesn't have your shoe or it has your shoe, just not the specific color you were looking for, ask!  The Kindrunner folks may be able to special order your shoe!   And have I mentioned?  The pricing is outstanding.

After your ordered pair of shoes arrive, send back an older but still wearable pair of sneakers in the same box (if you'd like) with the enclosed shipping label.  Then in a few weeks you'll receive an email letting you know you now have $10 in KindnessCash that you can use on any Kindrunner purchase AND someone who didn't have shoes to wear, will now have some!   Giving back to others in need and saving money?  Sounds perfect to me!  

Not sure what shoes to pick out?  Need some advice?  Take some pictures of the bottoms of your shoes and complete the Custom Fit Process form to set up a phone call with the Kindrunner guys!  Yes, a personalized phone call customized just for you.  I've already gone through this process with the guys once, and I've since filled out the form again and will having another conversation with them shortly since my foot needs have changed since our last conversation.

Kindrunner doesn't sell just shoes either.  They have a great selection of gear for runners - fuel, socks, watches.  Check them out!  You can also follow Kindrunner on Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for special deals, motivational quotes, and new products!


  1. Very cool concept. I love that they will help custom fit shoes too. Thanks for sharing. I've never tried Brooks' socks. Love their apparel though.

  2. Michelle@Running with AttitudeOctober 21, 2013 at 9:58 AM

    Love the concept behind this company!

  3. Krysten @DarwinianFailOctober 21, 2013 at 11:24 AM

    Such a great idea! LOVE IT!!! Definitely going to check it out!

  4. I agree! Pretty darn awesome!

  5. I love this concept! Quite often my running shoes have got to the point where they aren't supportive enough for me, but would still be good for someone else to wear for non running activities - it's great to have the option of passing them on (and having a little extra kit money!)

  6. What a cool concept! I'm going to have to give them a try because I have a ton of old running shoes that would still be great to wear as just regular shoes. :)


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