Are you like me? (giveaway)

And find yourself wearing hair ties as bracelets ALL OF THE TIME?

This is a common sight.  Probably too common.  I put it on and completely forget I'm wearing it.  

But then I was contacted by Jennifer at Charming Ties with an excellent offer: to try out her new product and host a GIVEAWAY!  

First of all, I love them.  They are simple yet different enough so they do not look like a regular old hair elastic.  I really like the double strand.  It adds a little more to the hair tie - whether you are wearing it on your wrist or it's in your hair.   Either way, it's great.  

I've also received quite a few compliments on my hair ties from my high school students.   Pretty cool to get a compliment from a student.  

Now, the major question for me was "would it hold up my hair?"  And I'm happy to report - YES!  I have a ton of hair.  And it's heavy.  So heavy, I see a hair cut (chopping) in my future.  I start to get headaches from my hair.  I know.  I shouldn't whine.  But it's a pain.  To have a hair tie hold up my hair is huge.  And the Charming Ties do that.  And they add a little bit of flair to my constant pony tail.  A much nicer look than the plain old elastic look I've been sporting for the past few months.  

Now, the good stuff.  Jennifer has offered a giveaway to one of my lucky readers!  

The giveaway runs from today - 11/11/13 through Sunday, 11/17/13.  The day AFTER Spartan Fenway.  Oh jeez….. great.  Maybe I should end it before Spartan, just in case I don't survive!  Nah, never mind.  You'll have to cheer for me and get me through this one, just so you can see if you win a new hair tie!  

Back to the giveaway….. I'll announce my winner on Sunday.  I'll email the winner as well.  

And just in case you don't want to wait to see if you won…here's a great 20% off discount at Charming Ties!   rwtg20

To enter, comment below which hair tie you would choose.  That's it!  


  1. I love these hair ties! The twisted strand one is pretty- it would get me out of my boring black hair tie rut!

  2. love the chunky silver with black elastic

  3. A compliment from a high school is like gold!! I would pick the chunky silver with black elastic...a definite step up from my usual black hair tie!!

  4. Crystal gun metal with black elastic......Fancy!!!!

  5. I loove these! I'd choose the chunky one in silver.

  6. I wear my hair in a ponytail wayyyyy too much, and these would be perfect to snazz that up!! My favorite is the "triple dazzle" :)

  7. Love the double tie with the crown charm!

  8. I love them both, but probably would wear the silver link one more! :)

  9. Love the Twist Silver with Cobalt Elastic!

  10. The crystal gun metal is my favorite!

  11. I like the double butterfly or double crown!

  12. I love the Triple Dazzle with black elastic!

  13. Debbie @ healthy running momNovember 11, 2013 at 9:55 PM

    They're all adorable. The Triple Dazzle with blue elastic is what I would choose first

  14. You'll definitely survive the spartan race. I probably wouldn't since I realized after 0.25 miles of warrior dash that I really do hate being covered in mud.

    I do love the concept with these hair ties. I'm 27 and I always have 1-2 hair ties on my wrist because the day you don't have them, my hair drives me insane and I can't put it up.


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