October in Review

Really?  October's over already?  

I'm happy to report this month has been pretty fantastic in terms of running and fitness.  And life in general.  We had our family photos done again by Brianne at 179 Photo.  She is amazing and if you live anywhere in Central Maine, you should get your photos done with her.

Virtual Races:  1 - Jost Running 5k Oktoberfest

Races:  2  - Tufts 10k and MDI Relay

I did not buy this shirt at the expo, but sure as heck hit that purchase button quickly when they went on clearance this past week.  I am in love with this shirt.   

Races I helped to organize: 1!  I mapped out the course, took photos, and put out the signs.  And my dad was an age group winner.

Challenges:  1 - Run Streak.
 A friend put together a run streak for the month of October.  I didn't make it every day, I did miss 2.  But it felt fantastic getting out for at least a mile.  A nice push to get me back on track.  Thanks, Tara!!!

Miles Run:  90!  My highest month since the injuries.  Yippee!!!   It also means that my yearly mileage will NOT be anywhere near where it was last year, but I kind of knew that with a 48 mile month in July.  That's not the goal right now.  Being healthy is my goal.   That's far more important to me.

Features:  A few weeks back I was interviewed by the Bate brothers.  This week they launched their Life Style Accountability podcast show and I was featured.  I felt like a rockstar for a day.  Of course, listening to myself, I thought I sounded like a dork.  But I'll just have to get over that, since it's live on the internet.  Forever.

What's on tap for November?  Spartan Fenway.  Honestly, I do not feel prepared at all.  I've slacked in the strength department.  I was on a roll for a while - following the Spartan daily emails (doing at least 3 a week), then doing Blonde PonyTail's pushup/situp/squat challenge.  I'm picking up the intensity of my strength again, but I know it won't do a whole lot for me since Spartan is in 13 days!  Ugh.  I HAVE done pretty well with the bleacher workouts.  Tonight was my last bleacher workout and I had a fantastic little training partner.  I seriously LOVE working out with my kids.  Seeing them smile, being with me, modeling and living a healthy life with them makes the world right again.

Every single time I came near her, she had her hand up to high five me.  This girl is amazing.  I love her to pieces.  

I've been wanting to try the UAWomen #Sweataday Challenge on Instagram.  Today's challenge was Squat Jumps, which was perfect for my location.  And then in true Izzy style, she started doing them too.  I am so impressed with her!

photo courtesy of Kevin Morris

The great part about Spartan is that the Rail Trail Chicks are doing it as a team.  We'll be sporting out favorite Spandits Skull capris.  AND we'll have a ANOTHER girl's weekend, but in Boston this time.

How was your October?  
What do you have planned for November?  


  1. Wow. You had a crazy busy October. Love that your dad won his age group, that makes it an even better event!
    November starts right back into marathon training for me.

  2. you totally rock!! Keep it the amazingness you do Jen. Love the family pic in b&w, gorg!!

  3. You are so sweet!!! Just trying to keep up with the Southern Maine, Jen!

  4. October was so amazing! Good friends, great weather, great running... I ran a trail marathon today and that is about all I have planned for November - aside of getting the fam together for Thanksgiving!

  5. Your October was way more awesome than mine! Great family photos and love the Boston Strong shirt.

  6. ssshhh don't tell her but I think Izzy would totally rock the Spartan Fenway … she has a fab trainer :-)

  7. I look forward to reading your blog, you're doing a great job Jen ♥

  8. Awesome! So cool about the interview! I was interviewed too and am nervous to hear myself speak. I thought it went well, but I won't really know until I hear it;) You were great!


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