Running Lately and a New Look

Now that I've accomplished the Spartan goal, which was pretty huge for me, I've taken a little step back to a rest/recovery mode.  I am still running, but nothing really set.  It's kind of like "I feel like running xxx miles today."   It's actually quite liberating as heck too!  I have it engrained in my brain that I will work out at least 5 times a week, so having a workout schedule really isn't necessary for me right now.  

Last week we had quite the range of weather.  Last Monday it was 60 degrees and gorgeous - so I ran in a light top and Spandits shorts.  

But by Friday, it was 27 degrees and I was running in a long sleeve shirt, Brooks Vest, Spandits long tights, and my new Janji hat.  I actually won the Janji hat from Erica Finds and I love it.  I just need to keep it far away from Ward.  

I definitely do not want to get shot during hunting season!  I am pretty sure this is bright enough so hunters cannot mistaken me for a deer!!  Wouldn't you agree?  

Something I did notice about my Spandits long tights was that they do not have those annoying zippers that a lot of tights have.  I've had bad luck with the zippers rubbing my leg raw during long runs.  Yet another bonus when it comes to my Spandits!  

On Monday, it was even colder, real feel of 18.  Brutally windy.  But I was nice and toasty with my Janji hat and Sugoi jacket.  

And then today, 57 degrees but crazy downpours and winds.  So, I went to the gym instead and enjoyed a great treadmill run with my new Wave Rider 17s.  

This wasn't my first run in the Wave Riders.  I went out on Monday for 6.2 miles in them and they were great!  Today they felt awesome too.  I did notice they felt a little tight around my crazy bunion, but didn't think anything of it.  Then later on today I noticed a blister.  Not sure if it was the shoe, the sock or what.  I've been wearing these Balegas quite a bit, so I'm going to try a different pair of socks and loosen the laces and see how it goes the next time I run in them.  But so far, I am really enjoying the soft, yet supported run.  My arches also feel quite happy in these shoes too. 

I also have a new look.  Last weekend the kids and I all went for haircuts.  Tucker was in desperate need of a trim.  His bangs were incredibly long and Izzy, believe it or not, hasn't had her hair cut professionally until this weekend.  She's been happy with me trimming her hair, but I am definitely not a hair stylist and I know my skills are rather weak in the area - so she agreed to have her hair trimmed.  

And then I had my hair cut.  Not once, but twice.  Yep.  I wasn't pleased with the first time, so I went to a different place on Sunday and had my hair cut again.  And now I love it!  

No more ponytails for me for awhile and that is completely okay!  I love shorter hair.  It's so much easier for me to take care of and style in the morning.  

Have you ever had your hair cut one day, gone home, decided you hated it and go to another place the next day?  Or even back to the same place (I would have if they were open on Sundays) and had them fix it?  

Before I forget…I need to announce my Spartan Winner!  Congratulations……

I've already emailed her and she's already responded.  I wish I had more entries to give away.  Speaking of that….I won a Spartan entry (thanks, Carrie!)….so guess who's doing another one!!!!  ;)  


  1. I LOVE your hair!!! I gave mine a trim (I trim it myself, thank you curls!) after Hartford...but more because I couldn't get a brush through my hair after the marathon! oops!

  2. Love the brooks apparel for the visibility in so many of their items. I have 2 of the nightlife shirts, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of the capris. Love the short hair! I guess my only complaint with mine is no ponytail. But I just use lots of clippies LOL

  3. Love your hair do - so cute! I am thinking of having mine cut short again too.


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