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I wrote this review as a part of a Blog Friendly PR outreach campaign for, I was compensated for me time but all opinions are my own.

The holiday season is upon us.   And we're in search of the perfect gift.  But what happens when you cannot find that perfect gift?  Or the the person you are buying for is just so hard to shop for?  How about is a pre-paid debit card with quite a few pros -
1.  free sign up, no credit check, no minimum balance
2.  great selection of designs 
3.  easy activation (either online or a short phone call)
4.  ability to shop online
5.  can load money onto the card
6.  accepted anywhere VISA is accepted
7.  no overdraft fees 

Now, how exactly does one load more money onto your Card?
- direct deposit
- Green Dot
- MoneyPak
- Western Union 
- PayPal
- Android/iPhone apps

There is a $5.95 monthly fee after the first month.  That fee is waived if you do direct deposit amounts over $800.  However, if you don't choose to do this, then you can simply just make it a point to go shopping immediately!  Your is good anywhere Visa is accepted.  Or you can make cash withdrawals at one of the 22,000 in network ATM's.

I did get to try out  Sign up only took a few minutes and I was able to choose the design I wanted.   It only took a few days to get the card in the mail and then only a a minute or so to activate the card.  I chose to call in the activation, which really consisted of punching in the numbers on the card.  Very easy.

When it came to shopping, I was nervous.  What if it didn't work?  I didn't want to be embarrassed that the card would be declined.   But, guess what?  It worked like a charm.  And I was able to pick up some goggles for my son's swimming lessons and some yummy fuel for a race.  It was easy.

Now, the question is, would I use again?  Yes.  I think the gift giving reason, ease of use, fun designs makes a great choice.

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Which design would you choose?  


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