Three Things Thursday

I love 4 day work seems like Thursday got here so freaking fast!  I LOVE it.  

1.  Izzy turned 5 yesterday.  Yes.  My baby is 5 years old now.  Time is flying by so fast and soon we'll be taking her to kindergarten screening.  Exciting times!  

She celebrated her birthday yesterday at daycare with gluten free cupcakes.  They were outstanding!!!   

Then we celebrated again last night with dinner and Reece's Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream cake and invented my in-laws over for dinner as well.  

And then we'll have her birthday party this weekend at Scrummy Afters, a super adorable candy store in downtown Hallowell.  They just recently renovated a room in the back to host parties!  They have a photo booth with props for the kids, face painting, a chocolate fountain and possibly a cotton candy machine (if it comes in tomorrow!).  AND we'll also do cupcake decorating.  I'm so excited for this party.  It's going to be a lot of fun and NOT at my house!  

and look, I don't even have to decorate!!!!  

2.  Tonight, Tucker and my nephew, Jackson, went off to their first Hip Hop dance class.  I think it is such a great idea for them to do this.  After seeing the Hip Hop class perform at the recital, Tucker was completely into it.  This will be a great winter activity for him to keep him active (he's really only doing swim lessons on Saturdays...and it's been so cold lately, too cold to get in a lot of outdoor activities.  Hopefully soon we'll have a little break and it will be at least in the 20's and he can spend more time out there! 

Today was my nephew's birthday!  You are looking at TWO 10 yr olds here!

3.  Today I received an impressive package from Tommie Copper.   I've been a fan of Tommie Copper for a few years now and they have never disappointed me.  

They are the new Compression Fit Capris and Compression Fit Camisole.  Unfortunately it's a bit cold in Maine (like 10F right now - brrrr...) so the tank is under my sweatshirt right now, but it is incredibly comfortable and flattering.  The capris are amazing!  Ward got a little something and we'll be showcasing his awesome product shortly!  He's so lucky to be married to me.  (full review coming soon!)  

How was your Thursday???  Looking forward to Friday?  The weekend?  


  1. Oooooh the TC stuff looks nice. We've been below zero here in Chi-town for too long. Enjoy Izzy's fun party!

  2. I love TC! Lucky you;) Hope it warms up so you can wear them outside:)


  4. I would love to try some compression shorts or capris. Love your first pic at the top! Happy Bday Izzy! And yes - loving 4 day work weeks. I think that is what we should have every week as teachers… they are better than 3 day work weeks because the kids aren't as crazy - but give you enough rest over the weekend!

  5. I would definitely teach 4 days a week....I'd even do longer hours on those 4 days. :) Thank you!!!

  6. It will warm up. In March maybe???? Or April?

  7. I wear my capris with compression socks. Fashion statement!

  8. I want the cold to disappear!

  9. I'd love to know more about the TC capris...I bet they're awesome!


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