It's My Birthday Virtual Race and Tri For A Cure

This summer I'm going to participate in my first ever tri-relay.  I'll be doing the running portion of the Tri For a Cure with my girl Stacy and one of her friends.   Our team is 3 Rockin' Chicks.

from the website:  "At Maine Cancer Foundation, we start each new year with the resolve to try harder to provide funding for cancer research, education, and patient support programs here in Maine.  Everyone is touched by cancer.  Some of in the Tri for a Cure are cancer survivors, but all of us have known someone or lost someone to this terrible disease.  Each person makes the choice to join the Tri for A Cure for a different reason, but when we work together, we are strong."  

I'm choosing to do Tri for A Cure for my mom.  We lost her over 7 years ago to cancer and I miss her ever single day.  Even more so on my birthday, which by the way, is just around the corner.  

This race has even more meaning because it takes place at Spring Point Lighthouse.  My mom loved lighthouses very much and it only seems fitting to do a race for her at a lighthouse.  I still well up when I see a lighthouse.  


As I mentioned, my birthday is just around the corner.  Well, actually, it's exactly 1 week from today. To celebrate my birthday and to honor my mom, I'm hosting a virtual race to raise money for Tri For A Cure on 7/20/14.  My fundraising goal is $350 and I'm hoping to do my part with this race.  

The details:  
From today through next Sunday (3/2), join me in a virtual race.  
You get to choose your mode of movement - run, walk, snowshoe, bike, even elliptical.  If there are other ways you would like to move - just do it!   Since I'm turning 37, it only makes sense to make the distance 3.7 miles!

To enter the virtual race:
The minimum online donation is $20 - per Tri for a Cure's policy.  However, I want to encourage participation in my virtual race - so I'm going to offer a couple of possibilities.    

Mandatory - choose one of the following:  
Option 1:  Donate $10 via paypal to me and I'll add it to my donation fund.  
A $10 donation will get you an entry to 1 prize choice below.  (to paypal me - just send me an email at runningwiththegirls at and I'll send you my paypal address.... )  


Option 2: Donate $20 on my personal page for Tri for a Cure.  A $20 donation will get you the chance to enter for multiple prizes below.  

Does that make sense?  

As I mentioned before, I have prizes!   Several fantastic companies have donated products to help me raise money for cancer and I purchased a few items to giveaway.  After you make your donation, you can come back here and enter to win your choice of prizes.   

A HUGE THANK YOU to Headsweats, Crazy Compression, Zensah, and Honey Stingers!   I am a fan of all these companies.  In the next few days, you'll be seeing my product reviews of what they have to offer.  

Check out the prizes you get to choose from!  

Prize #1 
Headsweats Race Hat in Pedal 

Prize #2
Headsweats Visor in Pink

Prize #3

Prize #4 
Zensah Sleeve in black, size S/M* 

Prize #5 
Zensah Compression socks in 
neon pink/gray/white argyle, size M *

Prize #6 
Honey Stinger Prize Pack*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize #7
Hydrate and Illuminate Prize Pack
Clean Bottle, Reflective Pink Laces, and Ion Iron-On Reflectors

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize #8
Sweaty Bands!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize #9
Be Real Shoes

winner will get their choice/size -read my review here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I haven't received all prizes in the mail yet.  As they come in, I'll replace and update the images above to reflect the actual prize!  


  1. Great cause! Go Jennifer and Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thank you, Erica!!!! I appreciate your donation and I wish you tons of luck in winning!

  3. I have participated in the Tri for a Cure the last four years (didn't get in this year - and I'm heartbroken). Bring your tissues - this event will truly move you to tears. Such a wonderful event (and I guarantee you it won't be your last - you will want to do it again). Best wishes!!

  4. Love this idea to honor your mom! And happy birthday, too!

  5. I am so sorry that you lost your beautiful mama to Cancer. This is an amazing way to honor her. xoxo

  6. Maybe you'll still get in! After I had agreed to be on Stacy's team, I got the email that I was in. I declined it because I would rather be on a team for my first tri! Oh I plan on bringing tissues!

  7. More than happy to donate! Love you! xoxo

  8. Thank you, Lisa!!!! I've been searching for the best race to support/honor her. THIS IS THE ONE! ;)

  9. I was glad to help you with your fundraising.

  10. What a special tribute to your mom! I am going to see what I can do about donating to your cause.

  11. Happy to support you! So happy to see you've already exceeded your goal for such a wonderful cause!

  12. Thank you so much for your donation Suzanne! It means the world to me!!!

  13. Been meaning to do this for a couple days now, looks like I was just in time :) maybe a silly question but since I donated 20 does that mean I enter for multiple as in two prizes or I can do more than 2? I don't want to get greedy, but there is some good stuff ;)

  14. Thank you!!!! You can enter as many as you want above!
    Thank you so much!!!


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