Pre Race Day Jitters

I'm realizing today that it's been forever since I last raced and the butterflies are forming in my belly.  I've spent a lot of today distracting myself with regular household chores and doing some pre -race prepping.   Tomorrow is my first race as part of Team Spandits and it will be at the Cape Elizabeth Mid Winter Classic 10-miler.   I'm so excited to wear my Spandits singlet and Spandits bottom tomorrow!

No more analyzing if I've done enough speed work or hill work, because it's really just too late for that now.  I need to trust that the work I did is enough.   For what?  I'm not exactly sure at this moment.  To complete 10 miles.  Yes.  To PR?  I doubt it.  

What was my training like?  The mileage is there.  January was my biggest month in a long time in terms of mileage - I logged 134 miles and my legs feel great.  Speed work?  There was some.  Not as much as I think I should have done, but I did do some.  And part of training is recovery.  I've definitely taken the time to recover this week - especially after my Les Mills class last week which left my legs feeling incredibly sore.  

Monday - off
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - off
Thursday - 3 miles 
Friday - 2 miles  

Now, onto some more important pre-race prepping.  

My legs have been feeling rather tight this week, so I have spent a lot of time in my compression socks and my fabulous Tommie Copper capris.  I even wore them to work with a large sweater over them one day.  But they needed a little more.  So this morning, I set aside an hour and did some Yin Yoga.  

Water, water and water.  I love water, so this isn't a big deal.  I've also packed in some vitamin C packets for an extra punch of electrolytes and vitamins.  I also had a delicious Grape Chia Kombucha drink.

I tried to keep it light and smart today.  Then the girls and I got together tonight for a pre-race dinner with our families at Stacy's house.   I had spaghetti squash with meat sauce and a couple of gluten free rolls and salad.  Oh, and a delicious gluten free cupcake and an Angry Orchard Cinn-apple.
Tomorrow morning, I'll have some oatmeal with peanut butter and a banana, that I'll probably eat on my way to the race - since the race doesn't start until 9:45, I need something in my system.  I'll also bring along some Shot Bloks.  

Right now I'm working on building a new playlist.  I need some new tunes as I've been on the treadmill a lot lately, which means I'm listening to music a lot more.  (I don't listen to music when I run outside).  I'm getting a bit tired of my old songs - so I've been adding more today.  There will be a post about this next week!  

I thought I was ready.  I had my Spandits Skull capris out with my long sleeve Gap Body shirt and Spandits singlet and then Wade and Carrie through a curve ball at dinner tonight and said they were wearing shorts tomorrow.  What?  It's supposed to be cloudy and 38 at race start and warm up to 43 by the end of the race.  Rather warm for a February race in Maine and I am NOT complaining.  I was actually really excited to be able to wear capris.  But now shorts?  So, I did what any indecisive person does and I put together 2 outfits for tomorrow and I'll bring both to the race.  I can make my decision there.

Outfit #2 includes my Spandits Galactic shorts and ProCompression socks, along with the same tops. But shoes!  Jeez.  They will be Reeboks.  Just not sure which ones yet.  I have my Nano Speeds and Ones sitting there ready to go.  

I'm going to pack up the following tonight - my inhaler (because my asthma just plain old sucks lately), gum, Shot Bloks, iPod (hooked up to computer and loading my playlist right now!), throw away gloves, a shirt to possibly toss and post race warm cozy clothing.

Now I need to figure out what to do about my hair.  With the warmer temperatures, I don't want to wear a hat.  Damn.  Not I might actually have to brush it.  No worries.  I'll figure something out tomorrow morning!

Good night!  Time to get some rest.  


  1. Best of success tomorrow ... hope to see you there Jen.

  2. Oh yay!!!! See you tomorrow!!!

  3. Good luck! The thought of shorts right now seems crazy and I can't wait for warmer weather and shorts!

  4. Ugh, I haven't been able to comment in so long! Hopefully, this takes :) By now, I'm sure you're already well into it or even finished. Hope you have/had a great race and can't wait to read all about it :)

  5. Good luck! You will have fun and look cute at the same time;) I haven't raced in a while and sometimes I get nervous when I even read about others racing;)

  6. Good luck! 38 in January in Maine is sweet - enjoy :)

  7. It was so warm and I was sweating in my shorts!!!! LOVE it!

  8. It was kind of crazy....but I wasn't the only crazy one!!!!


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