Week 3: Move Nourish Believe Challenge

I cannot believe it's over already!  This was one pretty awesome challenge sponsored by FitApproach and Lorna Jane.  Here's a big shout out to both fabulous companies for pulling off a very unique, quite inspiring challenge that I looked forward to everyday!  Thank you!

This past week we've been on February Break.  I love this little break midwinter.  With luck, we get a few great days of weather.  I've got to say, this has been a pretty awesome break and it was a little longer than normal... as in 1.5 days longer...due to snow storms that hit Maine late last week.  I'll take any extra time I can get.  With that said, those extra days will mean more time in school in June.  Darn!    

Break started off with a few massive snowstorms and has ended with spring like conditions - meaning I ran outside in shorts today and I was hot and sweaty.  Something that doesn't happen a lot in Maine. In February.  Unless I'm running on the treadmill.  

Here's my week recap - 

Monday - 2/17 - Spoil Yourself 

Monday night I celebrated my birthday (early) with my running girls with dinner at our favorite restaurant and Blood Orange Margaritas.  Then I came home and cuddled with this little cutie.  

Tuesday - 2/18 - 5 Mindful Minutes

5 minutes to myself doesn't happen a lot.  But tonight, I made myself some tea, put on my cozy slippers and forced myself to sit down, put my feet up and just relaxed.  It was nice.  Maybe I need to do this more often.  

Wednesday - 2/19 - Be Happy

With more snow on the ground, I got the kids outside for a great trek around our fields in snowshoes. This was so much fun.  I love that we can do these things together.  

Thursday - 2/20 - Thankful Thursday

A day after a snowstorm, blue skies and mud actually made me quite happy.  I'll happily run in mud anytime when it means it's not frigid and cold outside!  Running with Pepper makes me feel quite thankful for her as well - even if she sprays much all of the way up my leg.  

Friday - 2/21 - Share the Love 

Every single person in this photo has been a great support to me.  I just wish this photo also included my dad, my kids and my bff - Stacy.  That would be the best picture ever.  

How do you spoil yourself?  
What does 5 minutes of zen look like for you?  
What makes you happy?  
What/who are your thankful for?  
Who would you make a shout out to?  


  1. I think I can answer all of your questions with one word: hot tub!!! OK, seriously it is the best thing ever - especially for post long runs!

  2. Looks like a great week! Good luck winning that huge gift card!

  3. Kate @ Life on the Pavement...February 23, 2014 at 2:57 PM

    Sounds like a great challenge!

  4. I like to spoil myself with a movie and popcorn on the couch. So simple, but fun.


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