A #Spandits Photo Shoot?

A few weeks ago I received an invite on Facebook.  I accepted the invitation just as fast as the invitation popped up on my phone and squealed with excitement.  You would have thought I won the lottery at the way I reacted.  Seriously.  

As a matter of fact, I won, big time.  I was invited to attend a Wine and Dine and Photo Shoot with the ladies of Spandits.  Being the only Spandits Ambassador living close enough to be able to attend, I felt quite lucky to be invited.  This was a great opportunity to get to see Kelley and Sarah, their awesome running group, and check out their new prints and products with the new stitching.  

I was so excited, but quite nervous as well!  Before I dropped the kids off at my inlaws, I had to send this picture off to Ward.    I only knew Kelley and Sarah and was feeling quite nervous about not knowing anyone else.  You wouldn't really know this about me, but I am rather shy in new situations.  

But after a few snacks, a little wine, and getting to know some of the Runnin' Ritas, I felt a lot more relaxed.  And then the fun began.  We started trying on the new Spandits line.  There was lots of "oohs" and "ahhhs" around the clothing rack.  Mostly from me.  I was having a very hard time restraining myself from buying everything.  I already have quite the Spandits collection, but one cannot have too many, and I do need more of the new flatlock stitching (stitching on the outside of the apparel).  

 I've always been a fan of pigeon pose, but taking pigeon to a new level felt fantastic!  

Here are some of the photos from the photo shoot.  Sadly they won't be used due to the shadows.  But they are still awesome!

I already have this print in shorts, but I think I need the capris too!  

Mostly I fell in love with this new print - Spirograph.  It's purple, which is my all time favorite color.

What's your favorite Spandits print?  

Have you seen their close out sale?

Still awesome Spandits quality at super low prices - 50% off now!  Just with the older stitching.  I've already purchased two pairs of the youth tights - Rumple Skullskins - a pair for my niece and a pair for Izzy.  They are going to look so freaking cute!!!  And if you buy anything, let Kelley and Sarah know Jen sent you.  



  1. How fun!! Were those photos from the shoot? They look great and nice job with the yoga poses!

  2. That's awesome Jen!!! I would say that you are an awesome ambassador for them!!! Great pics!

  3. That's so freaking cool!!! I love it. So glad you had that opportunity. You definitely deserved it!

  4. That looks like so much fun!! Love your pigeon mermaid pose! Gorgeous! :)

  5. I am in love with the Spirograph design, if I start hinting now I wonder if it will sink in??? ;-)

  6. Krysten @darwinianfailMarch 25, 2014 at 9:45 AM

    This looks like so much fun!! And I LOVE these pants!

  7. You look like you are having a blast!!

  8. The pictures are great. I have never heard of spandits before.

  9. You've got to check them out, Abby!!! So much fun and quite original. Super high quality as well. Created by runners.

  10. They are pretty amazing. I'm torn..... Spirograph or Circus Act.....or both! ;) Spirograph keeps coming to the top of the list....

  11. Now if they had a princess print....then we'd be wearing spandits at Ragnar! ;) No worries....I will wear them under my sparkle skirt.

  12. So awesome! Congrats:)


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