Move It Monday! #BestFoot

Well hello, Monday.  You came awfully fast didn't you?  That's okay.  6 more weeks until April break.  Which means more weeks until Patriots Day and Ward's 3rd Boston Marathon.   Although I'm not the one running Boston, I'm still nervous and excited for Ward and what it's going to be like spectating this year.  

Last week was another spectacular training week.  So spectacular, my legs told me today they were TIRED.   I actually did something I don't do a lot.  I sat down and watched a movie with the kids.  I should do this more often.  It was glorious.  

Here's my week recap....
Monday -  6.6 miles

Tuesday - 7.03 miles

Wednesday - 5.79 miles

Thursday - 3 miles 

Friday - 4 miles

Saturday -11.01 miles

It wasn't enough that I ran 10 miles on the treadmill.  While I was making the kids lunch, I saw Happy Fit Mama post her 1 mile picture for her Happy Fit March challenge and I said "shit!" 

I HAD to go out for another run.  It was perfect that I was lazy and hadn't changed yet from the run earlier, so I took off my sweatshirt, slipped on my Crazy Compression calf sleeves and purple Brooks arm sleeves (given to me by my friend, Amy!) and went out for my purple 1 (really 1.01) mile run - with super low expectations in terms of speed.  But then I saw this time and I was pumped.  

Have you seen these fun compression sleeves?  First off, they are purple.  Automatic love.  But the compression is unlike the other compression sleeves I've tried and I've tried a lot.  They add support but they aren't too tight.  

and to finish off the purple love....I received the Pearl Izumi Flash shorts this week to review.  Saturday was my first day of running in them.  

And they were so nice I ran in them twice in one day!  The fabric is super silky.  No chaffing at all.  I love the way the hug my legs.  And the wide waist band is amazing.  

Sunday - 8 miles 

Too darn tired to take a picture today.....  

But I did do some push ups for Happy Fit Mama's #HappyFitMarch challenge!  37 to be exact, in 2 minutes.  And guess what....I was wearing my Gone for a Run sweatshirt again.  See! I told you I live in that shirt.  

Week's total - 45.43 miles

Month total - 58.43 miles 

I'm closing in on the 100 miles faster than I thought I would for #ffmarchmiles! Can you tell I love challenges?  

How has your training week gone?   

I still logged quite a bit of treadmill miles.  The mornings have been rather cold and sometimes I just need to go to the gym due to Ward's work schedule.  Seeing the snow melt the past couple of days has made me super excited for spring, but then I just saw on news this morning we have a chance for another significant snowstorm this Wednesday.   Just when I thought we were done.  

On another note, Tucker has lost 3 teeth this week!  The tooth fairy is broke and I don't think he has enough teeth to chew his food anymore.  Just kidding.  

There's one spot he's missing two in a row!  Craziness.  


  1. Great week! Love all your purple, I am loving all the fun designs Crazy Compression has, may have to break down and order some. Tooth fairy has been busy at your house this week!

  2. Krysten @darwinianfailMarch 10, 2014 at 8:14 AM

    I love your purple shorts!!! Don't forget to add you blog to our link up so everyone can you! AWESOME week! xoxo


    thank you for that :-)

  4. Great week chickie!!! You're tearing away at the miles!!

  5. I am loving all the purple around here! I just won a pair of those sleeves and cannot wait to try them. Way to crank on the miles!

  6. Those arm sleeves look great. I have regular sleeves for warmth but I haven't tried any compression sleeves yet. Great week in workouts and you're doing awesome on your miles for the month!

  7. Love those compression sleeves! I agree, purple makes everything better. Totally envious of your mileage this week, well done, and congrats on the 1.01 miles!

  8. Marnie @ SuperSmartMamaMarch 10, 2014 at 8:25 PM

    I love that you have a photo of every workout you do during the week! What a great idea...and a great way to look back and celebrate every week of running.


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