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Happy Monday!  I was super excited to wake up to hear ice beating on the windows...and then to see some nasty ice/slush/snow combination on the ground.  I was convinced that if I stared at my cell phone long enough - I was going to get THE TEXT telling me to stay in bed - at least for another hour.  But nope.  No text.  A girl can dream, right?   I love 2 hr delays - but at the same time I really hope this is our nasty, cold, gross weather situation for the rest of spring.

Let's move on to some more positive notes - like running and fitness.  

Last week's training.  

5 miles and then stretching it out for Happy Fit Mama! 

3.6 miles and then a wall sit.  Burning quads!

and you're going to be shocked - I'm wearing my Gone for a Run sweatshirt!

3.26 miles - #326forepilepsy 

I wore purple at school and wore purple when I ran later that night for everyone whose life is impacted by epilepsy.  As a special education teacher, I've taught many children with this life altering disease and as a blogger, I've gotten to know two sweet bloggers affected by epilepsy - Jamie and Lisa.  

After I ran, I came home and tried a new workout.  A coworker has been telling me about Melissa Bender fitness and how much she loves them.  As part of Happy Fit Mama's #HappyFitMarch challenge, I tried a Melissa Bender workout as a my "something new" and loved it!

Allergy testing day - right after school.  It took a lot longer than I thought because the dr. did additional testing, which meant no run for me.  I had to be at the school by 6 pm for a staff vs student basketball game.  It's been at least 20 years since I've dribbled a basketball.  I did play basketball in high school BUT I was on JV for the 3 years I played.  I was not very good at all.  So when I was asked to play this staff/student game, I was really nervous.   

I decided to wear my Skull print Spandits to channel my inner badass and wore my new Karhu's so I could at least have some speed on the court. 

5.5 miles 

13 miles

13 lonely miles.  BUT it was gorgeous out there - sunny and a slight breeze.  AND I returned to my beloved rail trail.  I didn't do the entire length because I started my run from home to get in some serious hill training.  One  Two Three of those hills really kick my butt.  My thought is if I keep doing them over and over again, then one day they will seem easy to me.  Still not sure this is working because they still hurt!  

and I broke out my brand new Spandits for the run!  I LOVE them!

AND I got to see Ward when he was out running his 21 miler (he corrected me, I thought he was doing 20...).  I even managed to get in a little kiss as he ran past me.  

Rest.  My ankle was hurting after Saturday's run and I felt some familiar twinges in my arch - so I took Sunday off completely.  My body thanked me for it.  

Even with the gross, crappy weather, I managed to get in 4.1 miles in my Karhu's!  Those blue shoes really brighten up a dreary day. 

Which brings my total #FFMARCHMILES to 153.79!  I killed it!  

Because Ward and I talk about running quite a bit, he told me that he was impressed with my mileage lately.  He added that if I wanted to do a marathon, I could get in a couple of 20's and be good to go.  I like his vote of confidence, but right now, running a marathon is not what I want to do.  

Did you participate in the FitFluential #FFMARCHMILES challenge?  How'd did you do?  I am so excited to see what April's challenge is!!!


  1. That's a lot of moving!! Love those new spandits too. Super fun. I had a classmate with epilepsy and another who's brother had it. I think there needs to be more awareness. I never understood the true severity to be honest.

  2. In the beginning I didn't either. Then I worked with a student with very severe epilepsy and saw how it broke his mother's heart. It was incredibly scary being responsible for him during the 3 hrs during summer school, I couldn't even imagine how hard it was to care for him 24/7. My heart goes out to everyone affected by epilepsy.

  3. Thanks for running for epilepsy!! I also have had it for 20+yrs and Jamie and I have connect through the blog world and are in contact all the time! I love the support the blog world gives to everyone!

  4. Thank you for being such a loyal friend. I was so moved by your gesture of wearing purple. I feel fortunate to have a son who doesn't have seizures everyday- so many moms and dads have to endure epileptic seizures several times a day- my heart aches for them- thank you for creating awareness. Thank you for being you. Love you like a sister!

  5. What a great month Jen! I love delayed starts as much as you, but am looking forward to seeing green grass and clear roads again :)

  6. Krysten @darwinianfailApril 3, 2014 at 12:05 PM

    I feel like I always say this...But I LOVE those tights!!


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