Snow Day Ramblings

Another snowstorm = another snow day.  
I have got to admit.  I really do enjoy seeing this text in the morning.  I seriously have lost count of how many times I've seen it.  4? 5?  It's been quite a bit this winter..  While I LOVE the day off, I'm not really looking forward to spending more time in school in June.  

The bonus of having today off?   Ward has the day off too!  I kept Izzy home from daycare so we'll hang out all day - and get the kids outside for some fun.  And of course I'll get in a run too.  I haven't decided if it will be an outside run or a treadmill run yet.  But I will run!  

I am really loving these compression sleeves.  Crazy Compression has created a super affordable compression sock/sleeve line that has some fun colors and designs.  I love that I can wear these all day long without experiencing tightness and make my calves happy.  

I am finding sleeves work best for me.  My feet only sometimes enjoy to be compressed.   I'm also finding that my calves really love to be compressed post runs.  

Do you enjoy compression?  When do you wear it?  

In less than 2 months I'll be running my 2nd 200-mile relay.  This time it will be Ragnar: Cape Cod.   We have a great team put together of some of my local friends and some fantastic bloggers.  Fancy Nancy is one of them and she blogged about it today.  I am positive we'll have a team reveal shortly.  

In the meantime, I am going to work at maintaining a strong running base, keep my body happy and injury free and get this EIA thing squared away.  I really don't want to have a reaction during a 1am leg in Cape Cod!  

Summer Races!  
In the next few days we have registration for two popular Maine 10Ks this summer.   The Beach to Beacon 10k and the LL Bean 10k.

Beach to Beacon registration is THIS FRIDAY at 7am and it will be closed by 7:02 am.  Seriously.  4000 people.  I'm not making this up.  It's when you get your computer up and ready no later than 6:50, get to the website and just hit refresh over and over again until you see that you can register.  Then you type as fast as you can, input your credit card information (that thankfully I have memorized) and hit submit. It's an adrenaline pumping 45 seconds.... Then for the next few minutes you see status updates all over Facebook "I'm in!!!" "I'm not in...booo".    

B2B posted this on fb yesterday!  Yep, get your fingers ready!

For a few weeks I've been on the fence about doing it.   I haven't done it for the past 2 years.  Last year it wasn't by choice.  I was registered.  I was ready.  Then a week before, my knee decided it hated me and forced me into my first 2 DNS.    Then I asked Ward if he was doing the races.  That was a silly question, of course he wanted to.   That's when I decided since he didn't really think about me and my doing it, so screw it.  I'm going to do it.  Well, if I get in.  

Then there's the LL Bean 10K.  I do love this one.  It was my first 10K years ago.  Back when I thought 6.2 miles was an incredibly long distance.  It's on the 4th of July in Freeport, ME.   This one is a favorite of mine but I sat it out last year so I could take photos of my dad completing his first 10K.  This year I'm back!  And of course, Ward is doing this one as well.  

and hopefully I'll have two kids doing the fun run again....  


  1. Because of my PF, I really like compression on my feet. My problem is that I have tiny feet and most socks are not made for my size. There are days when I'd love a full-body compression suit LOL

  2. I agree. I'm over the snow!!!

  3. You should check them out!!!! Ohhhh - darn! We were looking for members for our team, but just filled it. :(

  4. My PF does like them too....but my pinched metatarsals do not. :( Full body compression is awesome. I love my Tommie Copper capris, tank top! And my CWX tights. They all feel fabulous!

  5. We've had 4 snow days. Praying there are no more.

  6. Michelle@Running with AttitudeMarch 13, 2014 at 5:50 PM

    Those compression sleeves are very cute! Must check out Crazy Compression :)

  7. I have been stalking the Crazy Compression website, I am sure I will give in and order some soon, they are super cute. I am only signed up for Ragnar Napa so far this year but am contemplating doing a couple of short races here soon. Seems like it's been forever since I raced!


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