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I didn't run today.  Something about my quads being on fire had a little something to do with it.  I am going to go out for a recovery run of sorts tomorrow afternoon.  Today was all about getting my beloved Tommie Copper tights on to ease the pain in my legs!

They are hurting from those trails.  It's a good hurt though.  And it just makes me want to run trails again and more often.  Since today is #tuliptunesday, I'm sharing some new additions to my playlist.

I've added a couple of new songs to my playlist, courtesy of the prom committee.  Gotta love high schoolers.. I'm really loving the prom playlist.  Well, most of it.

Sandstorm, Darude

Problem, Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea

Wild Wild Love, Pitbull

What new songs have you added to your playlist?  Share!

Pineland Farms 25k Recap

A few weeks ago Ward suggested I do the Pineland 25k.  Sure, why not.  I thought.  It's only 15.5 miles.   On trails.  Up hills.  Down hills.  No biggie.   

I went into this race with my only goal to complete it.  I didn't really care what my time was, because it was going to be an automatic PR, having never done a 25k or a 25k trail race before.  The longest trail race I have completed was the 5 miler Bond Brook  Tread Fest nearly two years ago.  

After prom was over Saturday night, we did the quickest cleanup ever.  Basically the remaining adults tossed everything they could as fast as they could, in the back of my truck and in a few other vehicles.  I suppose that maybe today I should clean that up.  I got home about 12:30 and crashed.  Of course, Izzy, was super kind, and woke me up about 5:30.  Not cool.  Anyway, I managed to lay in bed for a bit, but didn't really sleep.  So, I was exhausted and grouchy.      

I got dressed in my Spandits singlet and Spandits capris…

Finally Friday + A Giveaway!

Friday.  How I love you.  

PROM!   This week has been go go go with Prom stuff, it's crazy how much work goes into one night.  Now it's wait to see what parents bring in for snacks today, then haul everything up to our prom location tomorrow morning to decorate, then show time!!!  And then life can resume.    

RUNNING + WORKOUTS This week has turned out to be a fabulous week.  We've had some rain here and there, but nothing major.  

Saturday: 10 miles, intervals on the treadmill.  + Melissa Bender (ouch!) Sunday:  6 miles pacing my BFF at Sugarloaf.   Tuesday: 3 miles + Melissa Bender Wednesday: 3 miles with my son on the rail trail.   Thursday: 1 hr of yoga with Rodney Yee.   Then a handstand challenge with my family.  That counts, right?   Today:  the plan is 3 miles.  

RACES A couple of weeks Ward suggested I do a race.  I think he's nuts, but I also think it will be a great challenge for me.  

Yes.  It's a trail race.  Oh and it's 25k.  Ummm..... I haven't been runni…

1 Day Late #TulipTunesday

This morning I received a 4 page packet of songs for prom.  Yes.  Prom.  I am one of the lucky jr class advisors in charge of prom this Saturday.  Our task was to go through the songs ...all 125 of them, to determine what's appropriate or not.

First of all, prom isn't 8 hours long (thank goodness for that!), so we aren't going to be able to get all 125 requested songs in anyway.  So, I opened up iTunes, typed in the name and listened.  For the most part it was a lot of fun.  I got to find out the names of some of the songs I have heard on the radio and just didn't know who the artist was.  That part was fun!  
So, now that I've gone through that list, I'm feeling rather confident and happy with the prom music list and now I have a couple of new Prom Inspired songs to add to my playlist!  

Fancy, Iggy Azalea

The Walker, Fitz and The Tantrums

Have you added any new songs to your playlist?  Where do you get your songs from?  Yes, I take mine from HS students! Share…

Get a little LYFT in your day

As I continue my journey to eating cleaner, staying away from those high sugar energy drinks, which by the way, taste so gross to me now.  I am more mindful of the foods and drinks I consume.    As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I had the opportunity to try out a new energy product.  What sold me was "natural caffeine".

It's like clockwork, everyday about noon, my body needs a little pick me up.  I have a Keurig in my office, but I don't always enjoy coffee at that time of day.  The LYFT Energy Stir Stick hit the spot.

It was clean, refreshing, and I got my caffeine boost mid day.  The LYFT Energy Stir Stick is derived from an all natural green coffee bean extract.  It has 0 calories and a clean taste.  

The packaging is quite easy with LYFT too.  You can just stash them in your work bag or gym bag, so you'll have your caffeine fix ready for when you need it.  To use LYFT, is quite easy too.  Just remove the strip on the side, then stir in water for about 20 seconds.…

Ragnar Cape Cod Recap

Last weekend I spent over 30 hours in a van with half of Team Beauties and the Beast(s) at Ragnar Cape Cod.  With only a couple of hours of sleep during that time frame, I'm still exhausted.   I was part of a fabulous team.  As I posted before, I was in van 1 with some real life friends and some now new friends.   
The only downside to a 12 person team is that spending a lot of time with the other van isn't really possible.  I would have loved to spend more time with them as well!  From our texts, it sounded like they were having a great time.  
Meanwhile, back in Van 1.  We were also having a blast.  We were quite fortunate to have a driver - Gerard - who may or may not have been tricked into this gig.  He was a real trooper to get in a van with 6 complete strangers who were sure to get quite stinky.  All in all,  Gerard was a life saver.  He got us all around Cape Cod like it was nothing.   Driver G was the best.  
Due to the time we needed to leave Maine, I had to pick up t…


ProFlowers reached out to me asking me for ideas to get me moving this spring.  I for one like a peppy and new playlist to get the heart pumping as I take on my new plan.  
On Tuesdays, I'll share with you a playlist or a few songs that I'm enjoying while getting my sweat on.  
Here's today's #TulipTunesday playlist.  
Mmm Yeah, Austin Mahone featuring Pitbull

Work B**ch, Britney Spears 

I See You Baby, Groove Armanda & Fatboy Slim

Love Don't Die, The Fray

Can't Hold Us, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Want to join the fun?  Do you have a new playlist or new favorite song to share? 
 Link up below to share in the comments!  I'm always looking for new, fresh songs and love to hear what others are listening to!