1 Day Late #TulipTunesday

This morning I received a 4 page packet of songs for prom.  Yes.  Prom.  I am one of the lucky jr class advisors in charge of prom this Saturday.  Our task was to go through the songs ...all 125 of them, to determine what's appropriate or not.

First of all, prom isn't 8 hours long (thank goodness for that!), so we aren't going to be able to get all 125 requested songs in anyway.  So, I opened up iTunes, typed in the name and listened.  For the most part it was a lot of fun.  I got to find out the names of some of the songs I have heard on the radio and just didn't know who the artist was.  That part was fun!  

So, now that I've gone through that list, I'm feeling rather confident and happy with the prom music list and now I have a couple of new Prom Inspired songs to add to my playlist!  

Fancy, Iggy Azalea

The Walker, Fitz and The Tantrums

Have you added any new songs to your playlist?  Where do you get your songs from?  Yes, I take mine from HS students! Share!


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