Week in Workouts and My New Favorites

Happy Hump Day!  

My exciting news is that this Friday I head to Cape Cod to run Ragnar with 11 crazy I mean, awesome people!   Follow us on instagram or twitter with my handle @runningwtg.  I am positive we'll be posting up a storm!  There's even talk of making a video!  Gasp!  That part makes me nervous!  

I haven't posted a workout recap in sometime.
  I end April with 140.86 miles!  I am pretty happy with that.  

Last week my workouts weren't really that spectacular.  I had a never-ending fever that was accompanied by exhaustion.  It went on for over a week.  Finally, on Friday, I stayed home from school and went to the dr.  Of course, their thermometer said my temperature was 98.6.  I had a variety of labs done and all came back negative and now I feel great.  So, perhaps it was a weird virus.  Who knows.  Just as long as it doesn't come back this weekend, I'm all good!   

I still ran last week, but just didn't push it.  And when I felt really tired, I didn't run.  

So here are my workouts for May so far:  

Friday:  4.4 miles
Saturday:  3 miles
Sunday:  11 miles
Monday:  7.3 miles 
Tuesday:  4 miles  

I've been running in these Karhu's quite a bit for the past 7 weeks and they've been great for just about every type of run - speed/long/recovery.  Plus they offer awesome arch support and dry out super quick after a run in a downpour.  

And they look absolutely awesome with my newest Spandits capris!  I love how I have all of the colors in these new capris - they match just about every single shirt I own.  I'll be bringing them to Ragnar this weekend because they will look awesome with my yellow tutu and yellow tank! 


One more piece of clothing I cannot get enough of is my newest Gone for A Run shirt.  Since I loved my Maine sweatshirt so much, I asked to review the Maine t-shirt as part of my ambassadorship.  Since it is getting warmer (on some days), it's nice to have this to wear when I'm not working out.  I am one of those runners who after I am done running, I shower and put on running clothes again just because I love they way they feel.  This shirt is incredibly soft and feels great.  It has a nice tapered cut as well, so it's incredibly flattering and not one of those awful bulky t-shirts.  It also looks great with my Spandits and it's purple!  This is a shirt I will wear for a long time.  Not only because it looks awesome but because it is a high quality shirt that will stand up to a lot of wear.  

Have you ever purchased anything from Gone for A Run?  They have so many great shirts and gear to buy for yourself or any other runner in your life.  


  1. Have a great time!!

  2. Great week of running! I definitely clicked on your blog post to see where you got those awesome, colorful capris from! Cheers!

  3. They ARE awesome!!!! If you buy some just say my name! :)

  4. Krysten @DarwinianFailMay 7, 2014 at 1:52 PM

    Sounds like you had a GREAT April girl!!

  5. wow...i'd love to run a ragnar with you one day :) how fun!! cute pants...

  6. That would be AWESOME!!!!!!


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