Friday 5

Hello rainy Friday!   I don't mind rain so much, mostly because it will water my garden.  

Summer Track

We are 2 weeks into my summer track program and it's been a ton of fun!  The middle school and high school coaches (which are husband and wife) have also offered to volunteer. 

two years ago....this year she gets to run on the track!

 I'm also quite grateful to have my sister-in-law helping out as well.  The kids are having a blast and I'm having fun with our practices.   Our first meet is June 26th - and it's going to be a lot of fun!  

again - 2 years ago.  I cannot wait to see how he does this summer!

BOKS Active Kids Day

Tomorrow the kids and I are participating in the BOKS Active Kids Day event in Canton, MA.   We're quite excited to take a trip to Massachusetts because we are combining this trip with a visit with family as well.  The kids are equally as pumped to spend some time with Aunt Judy and Uncle Pete!    

last time I saw Aunt Judy - we did a taste test.
Too bad I don't have any taste tests I need to do!  That was fun!

Marathon Training  

I'm doing it.  Taking the plunge and going for marathon #4.  I've chosen Maine Marathon...which was marathon #1 for me.   I'm pairing up with my friend Amy for training this summer and going for that PR.  I do much better with marathon training in the summer because I have more time - hello teacher schedule!  

lets hope the smile continues all summer long,
especially when I hit those 20/22 mile progressive runs!

I've been sick all week so I've really taken a step back in terms of running.  With the Rail Trail Half coming up, I'd rather be healthy and not overdo it.  I'll kick up the marathon training after the half and give it my all.  


With the school year winding down, I am making a change in my teaching career.  For the past 14 years I've taught Special Education grades K -12.   While I've enjoyed teaching Special Education, I have not enjoyed the paperwork.  It's beyond ridiculous.  When the opportunity opened to apply for a regular education Math Teacher position at the same school, I had too.  And while it's not 100% official yet, if all goes as planned, it appears as though I'll be able to make the change over to teaching High School Math!   Now to just pack up my things and move (again) upstairs.  

Running Shoes

Have you ever put your feet into shoes and thought "oh my word, I love you".  Yeah.  I have that thought a lot lately.  Especially when I run in the Skechers Ultras and the Go Run 3's.  It is like these shoes are made for my feet.  No longer do I have to wear men's shoes for racing shoes.  These shoes fit my bunion feet and they feel incredible.  


  1. I love summer holidays, can't wait for ours to break up but thats only end July for us (we have 6 weeks but more holidays during the year).
    Totally looking forwards to your marathon training posts - I shall live vicariously through you this year - stay strong and healthy xx

  2. I bet the Maine Marathon will be gorgeous. And the refueling options pretty clutch too :)

  3. I have kind of wide feet so maybe I should give in and try those shoes next time I need a pair. Good luck with marathon training, I am still not ready to do another and it has been two years :)

  4. You should. They are super forgiving. No rubbing either!!!!

  5. It's not that pretty....not along the shoreline at all. But I know the course and that's huge!

  6. Thank you!!! Hoping to stay healthy and strong!!!

  7. Yay for choosing the Maine Marathon! I'm in my 3rd week of training with Hal Higdon's novice 2 plan. I love the freedom of summer- no teaching schedules! Wow- 14 years in spec. Ed is a lot of paper work! I'm nervous about those hills on the Maine marathon course! I'll be excited to see you somewhere along the course! I love having more time to run during the summer, but unfortunately it gets really hot here in Southern Maryland.

  8. My sister taught Special Ed for 8 or 9 years then left the classroom to become an LEA. While she doesn't miss the paperwork she does sort of miss the kids. I don't know how anyone does that job. Talk about patience and more patience. And somehow I miss some of your posts .... darn it.


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