My meal theme lately has been pizza, burgers, and chips.  All of my favorites and foods I can eat all of the time and be perfectly happy with.  My family would be happy too....for a little bit.  And then they'll get bored.

Honestly, most weeks, I lack the energy to come up with a meal plan for the week.  But if I don't plan, I'm visiting the grocery store daily or eating out.   But with eMeals, I don't have to stress anymore about our weekly menu.  

To be honest, choosing a plan was the hardest one.  You can click on each of the selections to see a sample menu of each plan.   I needed to make sure I was choosing a plan that everyone in the family would enjoy.  With my picky eating family, that was hard. Eventually, I decided to go with the Clean Eating plan, and this one has been pretty awesome for us.  After you choose a meal plan, you get a weekly email on Wednesdays with your menu and shopping list.  Rather convenient, don't you think?  

Some of our favorite meals have been:  

Grilled Honey Mustard Pork Cutlets 

Grilled Onion and Avocado Salad

Pot Roast and Smashed Potatoes

The best thing about the pot roast is that later in the week we had shredded beef burritos with the left overs.  Yum!

There have been a few meals I knew my family wouldn't eat.  Which is okay, because to me, eMeals, is a great service that provides you with ideas.  If you don't like the options, then don't make it.  Choose a meal from a previous week or an old favorite. No biggie.  

What's even cooler is that I downloaded the app on my phone, which updates each Wednesday as well.  It's easier to do my grocery shopping through the convenience of having my shopping plan with me.  

How do you plan your meals?  Do you use a meal planner?  


  1. I am checking this out. I am so bored with cooking right now I could cry every time I have to cook, I feel so uninspired! I usually don't plan my meals more than a day or sometimes an hour ahead of time.


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