Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  I'm following along with fellow blogger, Amy and bringing you ... 

This week officially kicks off marathon training.  I'm starting off with a 16 mile long run base, which puts me in a pretty good place.  My training this time around is going to consist of yoga, plyos, cycling and TONS of running.  

I'm MUCH better at training in the summer for a fall marathon because I actually have the time.  Although, it is a little tricky with the kids home too, but there are no excuses.  I get it done!  

I'm also reviewing this set of books from Runners World.  This is perfect for me.  I'm in love with the Essential Road Bike Maintenance Handbook.  I need to learn about how to take care of my bike...this book rocks!  More to come!  

I would really love to bike my butt off.  Let's see if that happens!  

THE HALF that didn't happen.  
Sunday was the KRRT Half Marathon.  Sadly, I was recovering from bronchitis and still wasn't 100%, so I ditched the half.  I'm finally learning to not push it when I'm sick.  I had made up my mind I would just go to the race and support fellow racers and friends with water, ice, and sponges - as it was going to be a scorcher of a half.  BUT, then I had a brainstorm I would do the 5k and then head out along the course with supports for my pals.  

The half marathon started at 7:30 and the 5k started at 7:45.  I hung out with Jill, Carrie, Andy, Jamie before the race.  I was able to get a few race photos at the starting line.  Part of me was incredibly sad to see them run off without me.  I was training for this!  But another part of me was so happy to not be doing it as it was going to be one of those hot races again!  I ran back to the starting line, made a pitstop at the porta pottie and chatted with Harold.  Soon enough the race began.  Going into this I had no idea if this was going to be a speed workout or a fun run.  I had done a pretty hard leg workout on Friday and my legs were still toast!  As we headed over the bridge and toward downtown Augusta, I was feeling okay.  Not my fastest, but pretty good.  There were a couple of women ahead of me, which was okay.  I was just getting over bronchitis!  

Then those ladies started slowing down or I was speeding up.  Who knows!  All I know that I passed them and was feeling pretty good.  So, for a brief moment, I was the first woman.  Then this little girl came flying by me and kept going.  Super fast.  Like lightening.  There was absolutely NO WAY I was going to catch her.  As we reached the turn around, I noticed there were no other women near me.  Hmmm....... I thought.  I've got this!  I'm not coming in first, but I've definitely secured 2nd woman.  At this point, I decided it was completely okay to slow down.  Not too much, but to a more comfortable I didn't see any women near me.  I held my place and came into the finish line at 23:23. Not a PR (like 2 minute slower) but a win!  

After the surprising win, I got in the car and headed out to the half marathon course with my supports - ice, sponges and little water bottles!  

Being a local race, I knew so many people running this event!  I had a blast cheering people on, offering ice, sponges, water.  So much fun!!!  

I'm pleased to announce that I'm going to continue to be a Spandits Ambassador!  As you know, I'm a huge Spandits fan.  I only want to wear things that match my Spandits.  Joining me on the team are some really awesome people - namely one of my favorite running girls - Carrie.    

Too bad she wasn't a Spandits Ambassador then. Actually all of the Rail Trail Chicks look fab in Spandits! 

Another fab blogger joining Team Spandits is Smitha!  I'm looking forward to following her adventures in her new Spandits!  

I'm also adding another race to my schedule this summer - Spandits is holding a 5k in Farmington, ME on 7/26!  I'm looking forward to this one and I hope my Maine friends can make it!  If it's hot - I know a great cottage a few miles away and we can jump in the pond afterwards!

I've found my favorite running shoes.  Skechers make my feet happy.  But they need a perfect mate - socks.  And I've found the best socks for my feet - Stable 26.  Oh yay!  Happy feet!

These socks are thin and stretchy.  They do not bunch up anywhere on my feet.  And they have these little pads on the sides that fill any gaps in shoes so your feet feel like they are one with the shoe.  

They actually make socks for many other sports - hockey, golf, skiing.  In my opinion, it's super annoying to have your shoes loose on your feet.  It completely throws you off and can make for a miserable run.   

Because these socks are adding stability - there is no chance of weird rubbing.  Your socks are in place and your shoes are in place!  No blisters!  Oh hallelujah.  Finally!  

I am confident my feet will continue to be happy with these socks through marathon training.  They are going to hold up to that high mileage all summer long and through the fall.  They will keep my feet happy through the final miles of the Maine Marathon.  Speaking of which, I better register soon... 101 more days until marathon #4.  

disclaimer:  I was sent Stable 26 socks for the purpose of a review.  I was not required to love them or post positive things.  It just so happens that these funky looking socks are amazing.  


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