Fit Friday with Tasc Performance

I've been thinking about this summer and our weather and I cannot complain.  We've had some gorgeous days.  Some quite humid.  Some scorchers.  But rain here and there to water the garden and cool things down.  Overall it's been pretty good!  While training for a marathon, I have to run when I can run.  Sometimes it's not the best time to run, but I do it.  Just hoping that on October 5, it will be nice and cool and that all of this hard work will pay off.

When it comes to choosing what to wear when I run in this heat, just about everything gets a gross funk after some of the sweat sessions.  I came across an opportunity to try out a new brand of clothing that does not stink, curiosity got the best of me and I had to try it out.  Have you ever heard of Tasc Performance?  

I tried out the Streak Racer and Endurance Sport Bra and they've become my go to marathon training top combo.  

They feel fantastic.  

They don't ride up. Ever. 

They look great together and match my Spandits.  

I love the pink/green combo.  

They do not stink.  Ever.  Believe me, I've tried.  

I've gone out for a super gross sweaty run, come back and worked in the garden for a few hours.  Giving the shirt and bra plenty of time to let a stink set in and nothing.  I've even just left them soaked in my sweat overnight in the laundry basket and when I grabbed them the next morning to wash - no stink!  Crazy! 

And this isn't just after a couple of  times of wearing them.  Try a month.  In the summer.  Lots of sweat.  Lots of mileage.  I've put this racer tank and bra through a ton of sweat sessions and nothing.  I'm sold.  

But I don't get it?  Everything gets a stink.  But why not my Tasc top and bra?  Because it's made from Bamboo!  Read about the process here!  

Tasc has shared a special code with me that I can share with you for 25% off any purchase at Tasc.  Just use the code RWTG. 

While you are there, check out their new prints and products!   


  1. What about chafing? That is always my biggest problem with sports bras.

  2. Cool!
    They have Men's stuff and ship internationally...


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