Friday Favorites

Helllooo FRIDAY!  

First full week of school and I AM WIPED!  

Just in case you missed it, I have a new teaching assignment this year, which I am quite pumped about.  I made the switch from teaching Special Education for 14 years to mainstream High School Math.  I've got to say I absolutely LOVE it!   It is taking a little bit of time for me to adjust to my new role, so I've been a bit absent in the social media world.  

Since it's Friday, one of my favorite days of the week, I'm going to share some of favorites!  

Marika Slimming Capris
Every woman needs a basic black pair of capris in her wardrobe.  If you've been looking for THAT pair...Marika has the best one for you!  I was sent a pair of Marika Slimming Capris to review and they have quickly moved up to top of my rotation.  You know how it is - we women have these drawers/closets full of clothing, but somehow we tend to wear the same things over and over again.  Yeah, these capris have made it to that level.  I love the 4-inch waist band that puts the perfect slimming touches on my not-so-flat tummy.  

So let's talk about how they hold up to tons of washing.  Yep.  They've been washed a ton.  And they are black.  So fading could be an issue.  But it isn't!  Go Marika!  

Another thing that I love about them is that they are 98% cotton.  I don't have a ton of cotton capris.  I actually tend to shy away from cotton capris when I think about fitness clothing.  But it is isn't a concern with these capris.  They feel absolute amazing.  They are perfect for yoga, running, casual everyday errands, anything!  I'm actually wearing them now, as I type.  

If you are looking for a great pair of all around great for just about anything pair of capris - Marika has a coupon code for you!  Use the code MM30 for 30% off your entire purchase at Marika through 9/30/14.  

Cooler Weather 
The last couple of days, the weather has definitely been cooler and crisper.  Just the way I love it!  I with it could be like this year round.  Really.  It can stay like this.  Perfection!  

Wednesday night, while Izzy was at dance, Tucker and I snuck away to the rail trail for a 4 mile mom/son exercise time.  He rode his bike while I ran.  The weather was delightful and so was the company.  I love moments like those.  

Keurig 2.0
Another thing that has me smiling a lot lately is my newest Keurig.  We have a Keurig problem addiction.  We currently own 3.   And the latest model is by far the best one.  The Keurig 550 has all of the bells and whistles one could ask for with a Keurig - from choosing your cup size, brew strength, setting the timer, automatic shut off, to making a carafe of coffee.  This machine has it all.  The only part that made a little sad is that my generic off brand k-cups didn't work in the machine.  But no worries, that was a quick fix.  The old k-cups are now at school with my old Keurig and we have a new set of k-cups and carafe packs at home!  

To be honest, most mornings I now brew my own carafe, which I gladly drink up before even heading off to school.  I love the carafe option we have now!  

Happy Friday!  What are your favorites lately?  


  1. I was loving this weather until I woke up to snow yesterday! EEK! But it will be nice again today and for a while again. not ready for snow!

  2. I"m ok with cooler weather, but yesterday felt positively wintry here. I am NOT ok with that!

  3. Cooler weather finally hit today! I absolutely cannot wait to run this weekend now. Should be in the mid 60s in the morning which is a far cry from 80!

  4. Haven't graduated to a Keurig yet... always tempted though! You look great, Jenn. Love those capris.

  5. Michelle@Running with AttitudeSeptember 12, 2014 at 5:23 PM

    I so want that new Keurig! Cooler weather is finally here too - Yay!

  6. Wow. That new Keurig looks awesome.


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