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Time to Relax

I find I have to say this to myself over and over again.   Relax.   As the holidays are in full swing - scheduling gets packed.  

Kid's holiday activities, concerts, work gatherings, family gatherings.  Making sure I have time to do all of those things, get my work out in and take care of myself can sometimes be a little dicey.  I tend to carry my stress in my neck and back.  The foam roller doesn't really do the job for those areas.  

I was super lucky to have a Theracane sent to me to review.  At first, I wasn't so sure about this little device.  My initial thought -- "How in the world is that going to help my achy muscles?"  

You know what?  It is a little miracle worker.  For $35 (on sale through the end of Monday 12/1 @ $29.95) - it does the job, and then some.  It's actually a handheld, self massager that helps to work out the knots in your back, shoulders, neck, gluteus, legs, feet.  

The Theracane does come with a little booklet that shows you how to …

Bamboo Deluxe Shower Floor/Bath Mat Review

I love to sweat.  I know, you are not surprised.  But you know what I love even more?  I nice hot shower after a super chilly fall/winter run.  Standing in that hot shower, warming up is a great feeling.  But even more so when I'm standing on something rather than an icky shower floor.  

In the Boudreau household, we love wooden products.  My husband is a very talented craftsman, who is constantly renovating our home.  For us, the Bamboo Deluxe Shower Floor was the perfect accessory for our bathroom.  

We have a small, "master" bathroom with a shower stall.  Not super luxurious at all.  And the shower floor is less than desirable.  I do not like the texture of the shower floor.  But the feel of a bamboo floor is so nice on the feet.  

And it looks great too!  And with the great sales going on right now with ToiletTree on Amazon, you can buy a Bamboo Deluxe Shower Floor for you or as a gift for 33% off!  (Regularly priced $59.95 --- now $39.95).   To follow along with gr…

Move It Monday

Here we are!  The last Monday on November.  Where in the world has the time gone?  Life gets crazy and then all of a sudden I'm thinking "wow, Thanksgiving is THIS Thursday!"

There are a few great things about that: 1.  I work 2 days this week.   2.  I will take photos at the Gasping Gobbler Thursday morning for Maine Running Photos.  3.  I get a lot more time to RUN on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday....  Yippee!!!   4.  Thanksgiving is always tasty and fun!  

My eye is on the prize - Maine Coast Marathon. If you are planning on that race - my good running friend, Carrie has a code to save you some $$$.  

My plan: 1.  Strength train 3x a week  (so far so good!) 2.  Keep my running base solid (averaging 40 miles/week right now)  3.  Keep my long runs in the plan (last week 11 miles, this week 10 miles, next weekend 12 miles) 4.  Keep eating in check....  well, sorta.  Chips and pizza are the death of me!   But I have not gained weight.  So, that's a h…

FRS Energy + Endurance #IOWNTHIS Review + Giveaway

Lately I feel like I'm dragging. I'm talking, exhaustion. I've been turning to coffee far too much. I'd much rather a natural source of energy that also helps with my focus and helps to boost my immune system. Being a teacher and having two kids in school - that added immune boost is quite necessary!

FRS® has a Two-10 Discovery Challenge that definitely peaked my interest. You should check it out and even sign up for your own 10 day trial (it's only $19.99!). So I had to give it a try. The idea behind the Two-10 challenge is to try FRS twice a day for 10 days to see if you feel a difference in the way you feel.

Before even trying out FRS®, I had to see what was in it. The patented FRS® formula is made up of all-natural antioxidants quercetin (found in blueberries and apples) and green tea extract as well as 100% or more of the recommended daily intake of 7 essential vitamins (specifically B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and E).

One of my hopes was that FRS® was going to ma…

You Saw Me Vest Review + Giveaway

Every year, as the days get shorter - day light running opportunities are reduced.  While I'm not a fan of night time running - I will do it.  But I want to be super safe when I do go.  Hey - did you know that November is National Running Safety Month?  

I want cars to see me when I'm out there - cranking out the miles.    I have a hot new item that is amazingly comfortable and packs a punch with visibility for runners in the wee early morning hours or after dark runs - either way - YOU WILL BE SEEN with the You Saw Me vest.  

There is no doubt about that!  The You Saw Me vest comes with a yellow mesh pocket system - there is a double pocket in the front and a pocket in the rear (think center of your back).  The double pocket in the front has two uses - the outer most pocket is large enough for fuel, your phone, mace - you name it.  And it's easily accessible.  The inner most pocket holds the 9-volt battery used to power the best visibility vest on the market.  Below the poc…

Hands-Free Hipster Product Review by Outward Hound + Giveaway

I am truly blessed to have a very loyal running buddy who is usually blocking my path when I try to leave for a girl Pepper!  

She is always willing to go for a run with me and is happy to even do doubles when Ward and I do not communicate.   Yes - we've done this before.  She had an 8 mile day because of this.  Oops!  
Running with her hasn't always been easy.  It took quite a bit of training.   She used to be a puller.  Big time.  Once she completely took me out in icy conditions - broke free and got away from me.  That was not a fun run.  But with lots of patience and practice, she has become the best running dog ever.  I don't know what I would do without having her as a running buddy.   
A couple of weeks ago, we were sent the Hands-Free Hipster Jogging Leash and it has earned itself a permanent place hanging by the door.   Now that's quite an honor around here.  

It was immediate love the first time we ran with it.  The waist band has two d-rings, one…

I Mustache You Some Questions

I love survey questions.  One of my most favorite thing to do in my math classes.  It's always fun to learn about people.  Thank you, Heather at Where's the Beach for tagging me!  
4 names that people call me, other than my real name:  1. Jen 2. Mom - of course.   3. Mrs. B - I much prefer this to Mrs. Boudreau anytime.   4.  Coach Jen - from summer track, and I loved this!

4 jobs I've had: 1.  photographer's assistant - 1st job in high school.   2.  retail - GAP, London Fog, Nine West  3.  Special Education Teacher - 1st 14 years of my teaching career 4.  HS Math Teacher - newest role in teaching.  LOVE IT

4 movies I've watched more than once: 1. Pride and Prejudice 2.  Pretty Woman 3.  Pirates of the Caribbean  4.  The Little Mermaid (watching right now with Izzy)

4 books I'd recommend:  I don't really enjoy reading.  Sorry.  I go through phases.  I tend to love jr high level books and series.   1.  Twilight Series 2.  Hunger Games Series - I told you, jr hig…

Be Good To Your Feet!

I was so caught up in Halloween, I didn't even look at my mileage for October.  Actually, I didn't even look at my mileage for November until today.  Which lead to a peak at October's mileage and then my yearly mileage.  

Note: I'm only good at putting in the mileage, not times therefore my pace and duration calculations are not accurate!  
Now, a look at November....

The rest days part is accurate.  Just not the duration and pace.  No rest days so far for November.  No worries.  I will take one, when my body says to do it!  Perhaps today, since I have Parent Teacher Conferences tonight.  But, while I like conferences as I really enjoy talking to parents, I might need to work out!  So I'm keeping it up in the air.  

With all of this mileage adding up - look at that 1437.32 miles for the year!!!  My feet are sure to get tired and sore.   I want to keep them happy, as I've made mistakes in the past before, which led to unhappy feet and no running.  

I've been…

Tried It Tuesday

Happy Veteran's Day everyone!  A day to honor all veterans across the nation and thank them for our freedom.  With both of my parents being veterans, it's definitely a day I hold dearly.  

With the day off from school, the kids and I had a great day at home - the kids playing and being kids.  I caught up on things around the house. Then I packed up the kids and brought them to the high school.  They played basketball and ran around while I got in 6 miles on the track.  

It was a gorgeous fall day and I was happy to see the kids playing outside while I was able to do something that I love to do.  

Then I came home and did something I don't love doing.  I am trying to love it.  Strength and core work.   Sigh.   Maybe someday.  I'm hoping my newest book will help me love it.  I used my Gymboss to help with the intervals and to keep me honest.  Have you ever tried one of those?  

A very important part of my plan is strength and core while maintaining my running and cross t…