Simple Snowy Saturdays

Another snow storm (yes, 4th since the start of November!) and it isn't even "officially" winter yet! Tucker's basketball game has been cancelled this morning, so I'm actually enjoying a quiet morning, sitting by the wood stove, drinking some coffee, after actually sleeping in.  It feels rather weird...but incredibly nice.

I will run today.  But later.  This relaxing time is so nice!  While I sit here, in my cute Pure Simple tights I received from JD Sports, a pretty cool UK Company, I think to myself..... why can't I have a job where I can just wear running clothes all of the time?  I come home from school and change as quickly as possible into running clothes.  When Ward and I go shopping, he says "no running clothes!  try for some regular clothing for once!"   I don't know about you, but I absolutely love the feel of running clothing.  It is so comfortable and I don't feel constricted like when I wear jeans.  My calves and thighs feel so tight in jeans.  Not very comfortable!

So, here I am, loving these cute tights.  Comfortable, simple yet super attractive.  I love the detailing on them.  While they are black tights, the small designs add a certain little pop that make me love them.

obviously NOT from today....since we have ice and snow out there!  

In terms of running tights?  While I tend to wear them for comfy times rather than running, they do make great running tights.  Very forgiving, no rubbing.

And while we're at it with comfort and what I wear to work and at home...let's talk about shoes!  I hate dress shoes.  With a passion.  I am not sure how women can wear heals to work.  Ever.   I have one pair of heals and I think Izzy has them somewhere.  She walks in them better than I do!   I will wear LL Bean boots, Bobs by Skechers, Merrill or Keen shoes to school, but then when I get home, I'm taking those off as fast as possible and changing into some comfortable shoes.  Not my running shoes though!  I save those for running.  But I do have my collection of comfortable, casual sneakers that I'll wear.

My newest addition to the casual sneakers are these Asics Gel Lytes III.  My first impression was "those are retro cool'!  I love the colors as they are unlike most of my other shoes (i.e. no purple or pink).  They have a classic, old school suede material upper which I loved growing up.  Since my parents never splurged on shoes like that for me as a kid - I'm loving these now!

And now, let's talk about the lacing and the tongue of the shoe.  I have never seen shoes that lace like this.  I love them!

What about you?  Do you wear your running clothes all of the time?  I am guilty of going out for a run, coming home to shower, then change into some clean running clothes.

Let's talk shoes?  What do you wear on your feet when you aren't running?


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