MidWinter Classic Recap

Well friends, last Sunday I ran a race.  With the 3+ feet of snow we've received in Maine in the week prior to the MidWinter Classic, having the race go on as planned seemed rather dim as the race directors were considering postponement/cancellation.  Which has happened before!

But alas, the race went on!  Yay!  It is a favorite of mine.  

Last year - 40+ degrees ..... this year 15 w/ real feel around 5?
Same running partner (yay) and still rocking the ProCompression and Spandits! 

As always, the girls and I planned a pre-race dinner, but Stacy wasn't running, Jill was sick; so it turned out to be my brother-in-law, husband, and Carrie and all of the kids (minus my sick niece).  I convinced Carrie that it should be a fun run and there would not be any stress of racing at all.  We didn't know what the road conditions were like in Cape Elizabeth and didn't know how cold it was really going to be.  
decisions decisions decisions

Given the forecast, I wasn't sure what I was going to wear.  The night before I prepped my outfit choices.  The only thing for sure - Skechers Ultra (great for snow traction), ProCompression socks, Spandits singlet and Spandits Fowl Play Thermal tights.  The gloves, shirts, jacket, and hats were all up in the air.  So, I made a pile of choices and brought them along to the race with me so I could make a last minute decision.  

I woke up Sunday morning to a balmy 4 degrees.  The forecast was calling for 15 at race start with winds but sunny.  Oh sun.  I have missed you!  I tossed all of my race options in the tote bag, put on my LL Bean down jacket and kick butt snowpants, dropped my daughter off at the inlaws, and we were off to the race!  

When we arrived, we hung out with a few friends, got massages, joked about doing cartwheels and piggy back rides and selfies at the mile markers, then went to warm up.  We did a mile to see what it was like outside (thankfully we the Cape Elizabeth HS is open to the runners Sunday morning so we can stay warm pre-race!).   Carrie and I made some last minute adjustments and then headed out to the starting line area.  

Just as the cannon went off, signaling the race start, some guy stripped down to his shorts and no shirt and off he went!  I was in shock - as I had on my Pearl Izumi jacket over my Spandits singlet which was also over my Gap Body shirt and I was still cold!

pre-race ritual - cuddling with the husband

Anyway, Carrie and I started in the rear and just took it easy.  At first it was fun and easy.  Then as the race progressed, I felt fatigued, awful, hard to breath.  (It wasn't until after the race, I realized my asthma was not happy with the super dry, crisp air. Especially as I look at the race photos and see my lips pursed - which is a sure sign to me that I'm struggling.) I told Carrie to leave me and she didn't.  Seriously - why was I stressing?

As the hills came and went, we continued to run on.  I seriously don't know what I would do without Carrie.  

photo courtesy of David Colby @Maine Running Photos 

We kind of forgot about the fun things we were going to do - but did take pictures along the way.  But at mile 6...... 

Shortly after that, a runner pal I met at Pineland Farms 15k, caught up to us and we ran the rest of the way, chatting about our race plans.

Where did my sleeves go?  That's right!
My Pearl Izumi jacket turns into a vest in 0.2 seconds....super awesome!
& here I am running with Emilie

When we finally finished, our time was 1:31 and change.  Ouch.  Again, I know we (I) decided this was supposed to be a fun run, but 12 minutes slower than my race PR still hurt.

selfie with Emilie!

We went inside to get some water and something to eat, but my stomach wasn't feeling right so I bypassed the food.  Even the pizza and I LOVE pizza.   When we got back to our bags and started taking off the sweaty stuff and putting on warming clothes, I noticed my eye was feeling funny.  I pulled out my phone and to use the camera to check it out and sure enough that damn eye was starting to swell, which then causes me to start to panic.  I had forgotten to bring allergy medicine with me that morning but had my epi-pen with me and was contemplating using it.  We had remembered there was a store just around the corner and could get there fast, but then a super kind woman who was standing near us offered me a Benadryl.  Oh man.  I could have cried!  How sweet!  I graciously took her up on her offer and swallowed that pill as fast as I could.  I didn't care if it was going to make me tired - I only cared that the swelling was going to stop.

I wore the singlet...of course!  But it was too cold to wear onto of the jacket.  

Back to the race - my thoughts about the MidWinter Classic - awesome race!  Well organized.  Great volunteers.  Clearly marked.  The road conditions were fabulous! (only a little bit of snow on the road in a few spots)   I'm already looking forward to next year, feeling be

until next year.......  check out the cool jacket Carrie has on!  


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