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Fit Friday

4 days post Boston and I'm feeling mostly normal.  My quads seriously took a beating when the cold finally got to me about midway.  I remember feeling the pounding of my quads going down the hills and thinking "oh man, this is going to hurt for a very long time".  And, they do.  But it's still worth it! I freaking ran Boston.  
While we're talking marathons - I have Maine Coast Marathon in 15 days!  This is the one I had been training for!  My last "long run" was supposed to be the weekend of Boston anyway.   We will see how I do running 2 marathons within 3 weeks of each other.  

I know a few folks who are taking on the 39.3 Maine Coast Challenge!  That's just crazy to me!  But I am sure they will rock it!  I've booked the room - so Carrie and I can sleep a little longer race morning, rather than get up at 3am for the drive.  

If you want to track me - download the Racejoy App and track away.  I am a bit nervous that this will completely kill m…

I'm a Boston Marathoner! {my recap}

It still seems quite surreal.  But the pain is real.  The fact that I still cannot walk down the stairs at my house without going sideways or backwards - is my lingering reminder that only 2 days ago I RAN THE FREAKING BOSTON MARATHON!  

This race has been on my list for year.  I thought I still had a couple more years until it would finally be MY TIME to toe the line.  Somehow I stumbled across a contest on Instagram a few weeks ago and thought "what the heck, I have nothing to lose."  So I entered. And somehow I was selected!   Immediately, I started obsessing about my race outfit.  I knew it was going to consist of ProCompression, Spandits, Headsweats, and Skechers, but didn't know which combination it was going to be!  

This year there were 3 Boudreau's running Boston!  Myself, my husband, and my brother-in-law.  We joked about it "now it will rain for sure" because I was running it.   

Sunday morning we made our annual trip to Boston.  First stop - the…

ABCMOUSE Early Learning Academy Giveaway

By now I'm heading to Athlete's Village or hanging out there.  Either way - wish me luck with the Boston Marathon today!  It's going to be a wet one, but I am no stranger to running marathons in the rain.  I've got this!  But now onto something for you!  
I'm joining in with some other fabulous bloggers for giveaway for  If you have a little one on the brink of reading or an elementary aged child, this is for you!  

I first heard about ABCmouse from a television commercial.  Having a kindergarten aged daughter, who was struggling with reading but really loved technology, ABCmouse pulled me in.  

So, we signed up for the trial and fell in love with it!  Izzy absolutely loves it.  It's an app on her iPad and she really enjoys going through the games.  

Her confidence has increased quite a bit when it comes to school work.  

We're giving away a one year membership to Early Learning Academy and a backpack full of books.  The giveaway is op…

Trying to Not Freakout Friday

I'm promise, I'm going to do my absolute best to not freak out.  If I make my to-do list, I will hopefully stay on track.  

I've only run 3 marathons before.... 2 of them in the rain.  Yes, let's break that down - 67% of my marathons have been in the rain.  It looks like Monday will increase those percentages to 75% of my marathons being run in the rain.  No biggie.  I'm pro at running in the rain.   

Since we are going to get dropped off in Hopkington Monday morning, we won't have the option of checking a bag.  This is kind of a bummer because now I won't have dry clothing at the finish line for me.    But that problem is easily solved.  I'm just going to slip my credit card into my ArmPocket so I can just buy something to keep me warm while we wait for the T and for the ride back to Ward and Wade's aunt and uncle's house.  

We're heading to Boston early Sunday morning.  Just so we don't forget, I already put our Runner's Passports …

3 Things Thursday

Happy Thursday!  Today was supposed to be my last day of school before April Break, but Tucker and I started it a little early.  The surgeon told Tucker he needed to take 2 days off from school to recover from his cyst removal.  So here we are.   I'm here to make sure he doesn't push it too much.  No running or overdoing it.  Which is kind of sad because today was supposed to be his first track practice.  Bummer.    Oh well.  When he's 100% recovered, we'll go for a run next week sometime.   After I'm recovered from Boston!  

1.  We're at 4 days out from the Boston Marathon and I'm beyond excited!  Can you tell?   I'm ready to start talking about my goal for Boston.  My #1 goal is to have fun and enjoy the race.  I am NOT a Boston Qualifier, nor do I feel that my training this cycle have been what I would consider BQ workouts, especially with my BQ time for 2016 still being 3:40.....  16 minutes faster than my PR marathon nearly 2 years ago. 

While we&#…

Welcome to Taper Madness

Oh jeez!  Where do I start?  I'm a ball of nerves.  I seriously think I'm falling apart.  Not really.  

First off - I am getting the damn cold.  I've done everything I could to keep it away.  But it found me. My head is swimming right now, my chest is tight.  I'm just hoping I can flush this crap out of my system before the weekend.  Fingers crossed!  

Second - nervous mama is coming out right now.  My son has a cyst growing on his face, right on the bridge of his nose.  It's been growing quite fast over the past few months.  We've seen his primary care physician a few times about it and she referred us to a plastic surgeon.  You read that correctly - plastic surgeon.  Because of it's location.  After our consult with him, the surgeon determined that he was going to remove it.  Tomorrow is the big day and I'm so nervous.   Thankfully his procedure is first thing in the morning so we can both come home and get some much needed rest after this.  I promise…