A Treat For Your Skin #TriedItTuesday

The first thing I see when I visit the Lindi Skin website is "clinically proven to soothe the most compromised skin".  Immediately I'm in.  My poor skin is a mess.  I'm getting older.  I'm horrible at applying sunscreen and I am seeing the affects.  I'm not happy with this at all.  But, I can change things NOW.  I may not be able to reverse the damage I've done, but I can definitely treat my skin better and do my best to improve the state it's in.

I was given the opportunity to try out a new-to-me brand - Lindi and was sent a very nice selection of products!

First up.....  Lindi Face Wash.  
Every single morning for the past 2 months, I've been using the Lindi Face Wash.  It's quite thin and watery looking and at first I thought it wouldn't do much at all.  I was wrong.  My skin is clean and soft.  I'm also not breaking out as much as I was a couple of months ago - especially around "that time".  I've gotten one small pimple and that's almost like a miracle for me.  I'm thinking the Lindi Face Wash must be meant for me and my skin!  (retail price $22)

Next.... Lindi Lavender Face Serum.
Bye bye moisturizer.  Hello, Lindi Lavender Face Serum!  One small dab is all you need to smooth over your entire face.  My face is left feeling super soft and not greasy at all.   I'm noticing those awful crows feet disappearing as well.  So nice! (retails for $40)

And then there's the Lindi Eye Hydrator. 
There are many days my eyes look super puffy, but lately not so much with the Lindi Eye Hydrator.   You just need the smallest amount to smooth below your eyes and then you're eyes are happy.  (retail price $30)

And you cannot forget about the Lindi Lip Balm.
I love having lip balm with me.   I have noticed my lips have been super dry this winter.  But the Lindi Lip Balm goes on very smooth and my lips feel amazing.  (retail price $10)

I am so happy I was able to try out Lindi!  I've definitely found my new skin care line.  So good for my compromised skin.  It's never felt smoother!  

If you are interested in trying out Lindi, I have a special offer of 25% off and free shipping with the code BLOG25 through 5/31/15.  Time for me to stock up!

Disclaimer:  I was sent the above mentioned products for the purpose of a review.  I was not further compensated for this post.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  


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