Three Things Thursday

and today we have a 2 hour delay, because of this:  

Will it ever end?   and, we put the shovels away.    Ugh.  

Speaking of weather - it's almost time to obsessively watch the Boston weather and drive Ward absolutely crazy.  He hates it when I start announcing the forecast.  Especially when it's 10 days out.  His response is always going to be "it's too early to tell". 

Oh heck, I'll start now.  I'd LOVE it if the above were true.  Fingers crossed.  

It's taper time.  
I'm not going crazy.  Yet.   The mileage is going down and I'm giving my legs the much needed rest they need.   This week Ward and I will maybe log 25 miles.  It seems like that's not even running at all.   I remember the days when I thought 20 miles was a ton!  Things have changed for sure.   

Where do you track your mileage?  For the longest time, I tracked it online.  Then I started tracking my mileage on an app.  But I was missing something.  So I switched to tracking it in a journal.  I liked being able to add more information - pace/shoes/weather/diet/thoughts - whatever I wanted.  Then Ward commented on my journal and said he'd like one.  

Gone For A Run offered to send me a journal.  But I already had one.  So, I asked if I could get one for Ward!  And so they made him his own personalized journal.  

I like that it's easy to follow.  Add whatever information you want or need to each day of training.  Right now it's not getting much action, but soon, after Boston and after his recovery, he'll be adding more data again.  Especially as he gears up for Mount Washington.  (and I will be too!).  Thank you Gone For A Run!  

Music time!
I'm undecided if I'll listen to music or not during the marathon.  I'll bring my iPod.  Hmm... where did I put that little shuffle?  It's so small and easy to lose.  I haven't used it in such a long time too!  At the gym, I use my iPhone.  But I don't want to drain my phone battery during the marathon.     

So far, I have this:  

84 minutes of music.  Sadly, I do not run an 84 minute marathon.  If I did, I'd be a freaking record holder!   I don't think I want to repeat songs either.  Well, maybe a few of them.   So l need your help!  Tell me your favorite running songs!  

Happy Thursday to everyone!  Have you signed up for my Spring Into Fitness Virtual 5k?  

Disclosure:  I was sent a journal from Gone For A Run to review in exchange for a donation to my virtual race.  As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.  



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