Welcome to Taper Madness

Oh jeez!  Where do I start?  I'm a ball of nerves.  I seriously think I'm falling apart.  Not really.  

First off - I am getting the damn cold.  I've done everything I could to keep it away.  But it found me. My head is swimming right now, my chest is tight.  I'm just hoping I can flush this crap out of my system before the weekend.  Fingers crossed!  

first time ever this came in MY name to our house!

Second - nervous mama is coming out right now.  My son has a cyst growing on his face, right on the bridge of his nose.  It's been growing quite fast over the past few months.  We've seen his primary care physician a few times about it and she referred us to a plastic surgeon.  You read that correctly - plastic surgeon.  Because of it's location.  After our consult with him, the surgeon determined that he was going to remove it.  Tomorrow is the big day and I'm so nervous.   Thankfully his procedure is first thing in the morning so we can both come home and get some much needed rest after this.  I promised him no social media pics - so we won't be posting anything here.  

love this kid!  & these pants are a strong contender for marathon Monday!

But!  The weather is gorgeous!  Spring is here and it's lovely.  I've been stalking the Boston weather for a bit now.... the forecast is still holding in the 50's right now.

the weather seriously changed in the past 5 minutes....
when I looked 5 minutes ago - it was 50% chance of rain.  And it's going to change at least 20 more times!

Sounds just about perfect if you ask me!  I'll take it.  

See this lovely card Carrie made for me?  It is my motivation right now....

I have maybe been obsessing about my outfit.  No! Me?  I know for sure it's going to be my Spandits singlet, Headsweats visor, ProCompression socks, and Skechers Go Run 3's or 4's, and Spandits capris.  I'll have the outfit narrowed down even more this weekend as we get closer.  

3 Boudreau's running!!!!  Woohoo!

I'm also thinking about my hours I'll be spending at Athlete's Village Monday morning.  I'll be there for hours!  I'm building my list of things to buy/bring:
*throwaway clothes 
*possibly my big fluffy robe (because I want to be warm!) 
*sharpie marker 
*anti-chafing cream 
*bottled water (with Nuun and SOS)
*my fuel (Honey Stinger)
*earbuds and iPod
*ArmPocket for my iPhone (because I'll want it after the race) 
*FlipBelt for fuel 
*Salt Sticks 
*my inhaler (I have one with 30 puffs left that I'll bring with me)

Yes...I'm going to follow Ward and Wade.
So I can look at my phone if I want to see when they finish.
The suspense will get to me if I don't.  

That's the list so far.... some of those things are going to be left at Athlete's Village.  I'll be running with just the necessities.    Oh and I'll probably be bring my credit card or stash some cash in my ArmPocket just in case.  You never know!  

The sweet note from the gym owner....  thank you Sharon!!
Taper Crazies are here and I'm obsessing.  Such a lovely picture.   But after it's all over..I'm going to put on my Boston Socks and Boston jacket and recovery in the glory!  

And no, I have not worn the socks or the jacket!  It's bad race mojo to wear the race jacket before the race!  And the socks are just my sweet reward to my legs after all those miles!  

What am I forgetting?  I'm sure I've left something off my list!  


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