Move It Monday #TaperCrazies

Did somebody tell me running marathons 3 weeks apart was a good idea?  Right now I've got the serious taper crazies!!!

You see, the husband is the more experienced marathoner in the house.  2 times he had a rather unsuccessful Boston Marathon and then has gone on to run Sugarloaf and has gotten PR's.    So when he gives me advice about what to do between marathons, I listen.  I'm not happy about it, but I am listening.   He is forcing me to let my body completely recover from Boston, where it took an absolute beating.  It hurt worse after that marathon than any other marathon I've done.  And he knew it.  I do like a voice of reason.  Sometimes.

I am love with these socks!  I am seriously thinking about wearing them Sunday!  

Because I was so achy last week, I decided to see a Sports Doctor/Physical Therapist.  I felt my Plantar Fasciitis rearing it's ugly head and my butt muscle pull was angry too.  In addition to a tight calf.  I thought I was falling apart.  I know I'm not, but I thought I was!  Dr. Pickle gave me great advice with stretching - some stretches I've never done before for the butt muscle pull - which he said is really a sciatic issue and reminded me to roll my feet on ice.  Then he tried dry needling on my calf.  I've never tried anything like this before - but I'm definitely sold.  Within minutes, my tight calf was feeling normal again!  Dry needling is the absolute best.  I need to get back to see him again post marathon so I can recover for Mount Washington!  

I think I'll wear my black visor this time?  

Yesterday I was planning on going out for 6 miles.  Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.  "Coach" said no.  So, I grabbed my things and said I was going to yoga instead - because if I stayed at home, I was probably going to lose it.

lots of chilling with this girl in my new Freeport Yoga tank!

Thankfully I love yoga and thankfully Freeport Yoga had a morning session of Yin Yoga.  It all worked out.  I gave my body a great chance to do some deep stretching and it felt amazing.   I do plan on getting in some miles this week.  "Coach" said it's okay.

And thank goodness Mallie is cute, that is all I have to say about her right now!
Naughty puppy and taper crazies do not mix well!

We will see this recovery/taper/non-running thing works out for me on Sunday!   I know all of the training came before Boston.  But my head is completely messing with me.  I am feeling like I've gained 20 pounds and I feel like I am no where near ready.  Not to mention, the weather is playing games with me to.  One minute the forecast is 60s and rain, then it's 68 and hot, then its 65 and thunderstorms.  I need to stop looking at the forecast.  I know it.  But I won't.  Why do I do this to myself?

So, dear people in my life, I am sorry.  I have a case of the taper crazies.  I will do my best to keep my cool.  At least I'll try!  


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