Puma IGNITE - Shoe Review

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.

Before Boston, Ward was telling me I needed to try a different brand of shoe.  One that was still fast, but was a little firmer and would provide me with more of a push off.  I think I found that with the new Puma IGNITE

At first glance, I was a little nervous.  They seemed super firm.   I've seriously grown to love cushy shoes and my foot issues have loved the cushy shoes as well.  So I was a little nervous that the firmness wouldn't work out.  

Well, guess what?  I was wrong!  SOOO wrong.   In the past few weeks, I've raked up over 50 miles in them and I am loving the feel of the Puma IGNITE.  

The Puma IGNITE features are: 
*Energy Return with full length IGNITED foam midsole's PU blend offers high rebound cushioning 
*Step In Comfort with IGNITE foam that provides instant comfort where you need it most 
*Long-Lasting Performance with foreverfoam that is used in the heel to disperse impact and provide extra durability
*Thermo-regulation technology that helps to keep the feet at an optimal temperature 

I'm not doing long runs, yet.  But can definitely see myself taking on many long runs in these shoes and loving them.    But I have tested them out on a few different runs.  

On the rail trail, for an easy return-to-run after a marathon run.  I could definitely feel the support under my arches.  Keeping them happy.  

After school happy hour runs with the pups. So much comfort for my tired feet!

Track workouts.  Firm.  Fast.  Responsive.  Great turnover!

And hill training (for Mount Washington Road Race) - on the treadmill.  Why the treadmill? Because I can keep it on a constant incline for long distances rather than run up a hill, run back down, run up a hill, run back down.   Which is NOT what I want to do for a race that goes 7.6 miles uphill the entire way!  I want steady incline...so treadmill it is!  

I can see many more months, many more miles in the Puma IGNITE.  They've been an amazing ride this far.  I am excited to see where this shoe takes me.  

While you're here...check out this pretty cool video from Puma!  It makes me want to go out and run. Again.  Even though I already ran twice today!!!


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