Thankful Tuesday

Life seriously got a bit overwhelming the past couple of weeks, and sadly the blogging had to take a little break.  National Board exam, National Board portfolio, and Praxis II Mathematics.  I know how to pile it on and pile it on to monumental craziness.  

Crazy?  Yes.  Add that to training for 2 marathons, taper crazies, Tucker in soccer and track, Izzy and her dance recital.  I'm in need of a HUGE break.  Today actually felt a little boring only having to get Tucker from track.  

I have a lot in store for you...a couple of giveaways and my recap of Maine Coast Marathon.  Trust me.  They are coming.  Stay tuned!  

But let me get this off my chest!  I was a special education teacher for over 14 years.  I've proctored many standardized tests.  Sadly, yesterday I experienced the worst testing experience ever.  I went to a local community college to take the Praxis II for my teaching certification (meaning - I have to pass this test).  I've been studying for this test forever and I seriously knew my stuff (aside from a few calculus problems).  When I arrived at the testing center, immediately I felt the building begin to shake and the testing proctor said "oh great, they brought in the rumblers today"...I turned around and looked out the window and right outside the window was a construction scene... lots of activity, lots of noise (beeping, buzzing, slamming, you name it) and the building was shaking.  Oh awesome.  The lady walked me into the room where I was to take my test.  Of course she walked me over to the computer directly in front of the window (with the great visual distraction of a crane lifting heavy things over and over again).  I mentioned the distraction and she offered me headphones.  The noise was not the major distraction!  So...I sat through 2.5 hours of a test....struggled to stay focused and never finished the damn test.  I still had a few questions left when time was up.   (Also - I had to use the bathroom during this test and the proctor didn't know how to pause my I lost time there too).  For such a highstakes test, the testing atmosphere sucked.  Needless to say, after I wiped away my tears, I was on the phone to Praxis letting them know the situation and requesting a retake (at their cost).  I still haven't heard back from them.  Ugh.  Fingers crossed they respond tomorrow - or I'll be calling again!   Okay, vent over!!!!  I like to keep my blog positive - but real as well.   

After Maine Coast Marathon, I took my week off from running.  I just returned to running on Sunday and it feels incredible.  No tired legs.  Not a lot of speed, but that will come back.  I hope!!!  Just getting outside and running feels incredible!  

My running this week - 4 miles on Sunday and 4 miles on Monday.  I took today off and did some yoga and strength.  I'm participating in the Instagram challenge #loveyourhips by @brittanysuel and @lora_hogan.  It's been a ton of fun and I love yoga challenges!  

The rest of the week will be some low miles before I start to do some hill work need week!  Time to gear up for Mount Washington Road Race!  Gulp!


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