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Oh my word! This is HUGE!

I thought my fall racing plans were sealed - Maine Half Marathon then Philadelphia Marathon.  BOTH pretty awesome opportunities for me!

But then I just found out that I've been invited to run The Runner's World Half Marathon this October!   I haven't quite decided which races I'll be doing for sure - my options are the 3.8 trail run, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon - or the Hat Trick, Five and Dime, or all 4 Races.  But I do know I WILL BE there with other super cool and inspirational bloggers and I'll be running and loving it!  

It's been my dream since traveling with the husband and brother-in-law when they ran the Lehigh Marathon a couple of years ago.  I had never been to Bethlehem before and I immediately fell in love with the beautiful city.  The Runners World Half Marathon has been on my bucket list ever since!  Seriously - A Dream Come True!  

Now - I have something to share with YOU!  Discount codes for the Runners World Festival!  Oh yes!  Use the code blogru…

I really did that? #onlyonehill

Yes.  Yes I did!  I did it.  I ran Mt. Washington.  This girl.  Who hates hills.  Who is afraid of heights.  Who has never ever been to Mt. Washington before.  

I became intrigued by this race a couple of years ago and have been obsessing about it since then.  Last year I put my name in the lottery and wasn't selected.   This year the husband and I both put our names in and we were both selected!  

I had done quite a bit of reading about how to train for a race up a mountain and the best sources I found said running on a treadmill at an incline.   Ummm... okay.  I can definitely do that!  
I did a few training runs on the treadmill, starting out at a 10% incline and running for as long as I could physically and mentally handle, then would power-walk/run for the remainder of my training session.  My final training run I ended up doing 30 minutes of running at a 12% incline and then would power-walk for the remainder of the time.  

I had no idea what to expect, prayed for great weat…

All Or Nothing Day

I've been anxiously waiting for this weekend for a long time now.  This weekend has so many emotions wrapped into it, it is hard to explain.

Let me back up a bit.  Last year, I agreed to be the runner for a relay team for Tri For A Cure with my friend, Stacy.  I seriously had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Not the relay part. But the emotional piece.  The race starts off at a gorgeous setting on the Coast of Maine - next to one of my mom's favorite lighthouses - Bug Light.  The ceremony at the start of the race is moving - honoring all of the women who have fought, won or lost the battle to cancer.  I wasn't prepared for this last year, but I am sure happy I witnessed it.  I was (and still am) amazed by the stories behind the women who started this race and some of the stories I heard at the race.  I knew at that moment that I would be doing the full tri this year.   

Back when the lottery opened up, I put my name in immediately.  Lucky for me, my name was drawn…

The WINNER is Carrie!

But most of you already know that!  Carrie will be joining myself along with other super awesome woman bloggers at the Rise.Run.Retreat this October.  I'm still not sure how I got the invite yet.... but I'll go with it.  
Carrie blogs at EightCrazySoles and her husband nominated her!  How cool is that!  
Congrats, Carrie!  I cannot wait to meet you this October!  

Friday Funday!

In the summer, everyday is Funday for us!  Sorry.  Just had to rub it in.  We're super busy this summer - but we still have time to play!  

And by play - I mean we spend a lot of time outside: at the pool, beach, camp and we need to protect ourselves from the sun as much as possible.  

I was sent the Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat to review.  As soon as Izzy saw it, she stole it from me.  Normally I'd be sad about this, but it looks far better on her anyway!  

The Pack A Hat is not only adorable, but it's rated UPF 50+ and comes in a small wristlet tote to make travel practical and simple.   The Pack A Hat is also super affordable - $25 retail price.  I love how you can stuff it in the little bag and when you pull it out, it looks great!   

We have a huge weekend planned with tons of outdoor/water fun and I've already tossed the Pack A Hat in my bag to make sure it comes along for some cuteness and summer sun protection!   
disclosure: I was sent the Pack A Hat for the p…

Join Me for the Rise.Run.Retreat

Back in 2010, I took my first leap into the half marathon world with the Maine Half Marathon.  

It was after that race I was determined that the next year I was coming back to the course and complete my first marathon.  And I did.  In the pouring rain.  

This year, I'm happy to announce I'm going back!  I wanted to do a fall half as a tune-up race prior to the Philadelphia Marathon (at the end of November), and the Maine Marathon - Half, is absolutely perfect timing.  

But I have something even bigger going on that weekend than simply showing up to the race and doing it.  I'm going to attend the first ever, inaugural Rise.Run.Retreat.  
I'm excited to join this group of women runners and I'm happy to announce that there is room for one more lucky lady!!!!  
Here are the details:  * the lucky winner will receive free retreat registration * must be available October 2-5th * must provide your own travel to and from Wells, Maine and be responsible for some meals  * is…