Marathon Must-Haves

Happy Hump Day!  Summer is nearly over and marathon mileage is increasing - sounds about normal for me.

I was looking over my marathon plan and race schedule today and I'm on week 6 of marathon training already!  How did that happen?
My fall race schedule is pretty full right now.  I super excited and super nervous all at the same time about this!  

My fall races

Maine Half Marathon -- 10/4
Not only is this a race, but it's part of an all women's retreat with some inspirational bloggers.  Honestly, I feel like I'm hanging with the all-stars and I'm just the lucky one.  

I'll spend the weekend in a gorgeous beach house in southern Maine, attend seminars, practice yoga, dine out and then run the Maine Half Marathon.  Sounds perfect to me!  

Runner's World Festival -- 10/16-18
Then, when I thought it couldn't get any more exciting, I was selected to be one of the Runner's World Influencers to attend the Runner's World Festival this October in Bethlehem, PA.  My homestate!   I had my choice as to which races I wanted to do - the new 3.8 trail race, 5k, 10k, and/or half.  Since this is huge and I want to do everything Runner's World has to offer - I chose ALL FOUR.  Of course!  A total of 26.2 miles in 3 days.   

In addition, hanging out with more celebrity, fabulous bloggers, hanging out with Bart Yasso.  The only thing that gets me a bit nervous is flying there.  I know. I'm 38 and I have never flown.  Thankfully my sister-in-law is a pro at flying and will help me out.  I may need valium before I go.  But the time it's going to take to fly definitely beats out the 8 hour drive 1-way that I would need to drive by myself.  No thank you.  I'll try out the flying thing.

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Philadelphia Marathon -- 11/22 
And THEN the final race of the fall - The Philadelphia Marathon!  Another dream race come true.  I can barely contain my excitement.  

With all of this running and training, I need to be GOOD to my body.  That means proper diet, clothing, hydration, stretching, and rolling.  

Water is simply not enough.  I drink a ton of it.  My new obsession in the hydration world has been SOS Rehydrate.  It's seriously the bomb.  Replacing those electrolytes is super important for training and everyday life anyway.  Add in marathon training and then add in super hot/humid training conditions and you increase the need.

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I cannot get enough of SOS Rehydrate.  I actually stock up regularly.  Oh and by the way, I'm an ambassador!  (see the code on the side bar to save some money!)  
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Stretching and Rolling
Yoga is my friend.  I love it.  While I haven't had time to go to any classes lately, I'm still making time to do poses throughout the day to keep my (tired) body happy.  
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Wherever I go...I usually have something super special with me.  Yes.  My phone is always with me.  But in addition to that it's my Trigger Pin.  You can seriously throw away your foam roller and just get one of these.  You will not regret it.

It hurts SO GOOD.  The "double bubble" targets your trigger points so much better than anything I've ever tried before.  I roll every day with this lovely tool...and when we go somewhere - it comes along.

Of course I need to run in clothing.  No one wants to see me run naked.  So, I make everyone happy by putting on my beloved Spandits.  Right now, with the soaring temps, I am obsessed with the new "boardie" length that is mid-thigh.

No chafing at all.  I'm not sure slender and with other shorts - I do get some chub-rub.  Not with Spandits.  I seriously hang out in them so much - running, yoga, biking, swimming.  Yes - I wore my Spandits for my first Tri.  My entire family is a Spandits loving family.  Ward has a few pairs, Izzy has several pairs, and Tucker loves the arm sleeves.

I invite you try out Spandits with the code SPANDITSLOVE for 10% off.  Tell them Jen sent you too!!!  

I've definitely fallen in love with Headsweats visors this summer.  They are perfect to keep the sweat and sun out of your eyes, but allows for my hot head to breath.  

I also have a couple of hats that work great one hot and cool days as well - due to the crazy amount of ventilation and cooling.  An amazing hat/visor you have to have!!!  Use the code RUNNINGWTG for 25% off.  

And if you sign up for the ProCompression email or like them on Facebook you'll regularly see great discounts.  You will not regret this!

There you have it!  My Marathon Must Haves.  What are your Must Haves?


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