My Love Affair with Spandits

Way back in the Spring of 2012, Ward said to me... you need to check out this new company and he pushed his iPad over to me.  His HS Track Coach, Kelley Cullenberg and her friend, Sarah, another long time runner/coach, joined forces and created a running apparel shop named Spandits.   Immediately I sent off an email to Kelley and Sarah asking to review a pair of their capris.  We planned a meet up in Farmington at a local 5k, where I would try out Spandits in the race and then write a blog review.

Lucky Spandits for me!  I placed 3rd for women pushing Izzy! 

It took me all of 2 seconds to fall in love.  My first pair of Spandits will always be my favorite...but it definitely started an addiction to Spandits.  Since the spring of 2012, I have been lucky enough to serve as a 3 season Spandits Ambassador...and have added a couple more, well, okay, over 30 pairs of Spandits to my collection.  I have all of the lengths - shorts, boy shorts, over the knee, 3/4, full, thermals, skirts, headbands, arm sleeves, skull caps, a dress, and a hygge.

missing a few.... but you get the picture!

I've been wearing Spandits for over 3.5 years...and I have loved every single pair these ladies have made for me!

my brf and I - both Spandits Ambassadors...both LOVE our dresses!

Spandits is MORE than an apparel company.  It's 2 women - moms/coaches/athletes - who came together and formed this company to provide runners with high quality, custom active apparel you can do anything in - run, swim, yoga, errands, sleep, work, you name it!  They know what runners want in what they wear..and they strive to make their customers happy!  Each pair of Spandits bottoms has a little pocket on the inside for your key, money or fuel.

Kelley an Sarah listened to the input from runners who had some rubbing and changed the stitching to a flat-lock stitch so the stitch would be on the outside and eliminate any rubbing.  I never noticed any before with the stitching...but I love how they listened to their customers!

They also customize the length of your apparel when you order it!  If you are a taller woman or shorter woman...they will make your bottoms to fit YOU.  And they will customize the can mix and match the prints and have one leg one color/print and have the other leg another color/print.

Spandits isn't just for women either!  My husband LOVES his!

And so do my kids!

Custom shorts for kids are the cutest!  She's in love with these!

Funny side note.  Kelley is the finish line timer for the youth summer meets, and each time Tucker crossed the finish line she would whisper "you're fast, but you'd be faster in Spandits".  He's 12 and in that awkward stage where he won't wear Spandits shorts (yet).. but he'll wear arm sleeves!

I had the opportunity to run with Kelley (far right) this summer!

and soccer too!

A few weekends ago I was invited to attend the Rise.Run.Retreat.  Part of the goodie swag bag was a custom pair of Spandits!  This totally sold me right then and there... another pair of Spandits?  Hell yes!  I chose a capri version of the custom shorts I had made for Izzy over the summer.  Now we're twinsies!  

I even chose to wear my Spandits when I met Deena Kastor at the Runner's World Half and Festival! 

I was a super proud Spandits Ambassador when the ladies put their pairs on at the Rise.Run.Retreat and ran in them.  The comments were positive and the ladies were happy!  And maybe I was grinning from ear to ear.

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And my newest pair of Spandits....

and even my brother-in-law loves Spandits!

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As you can tell, you cannot go wrong with Spandits.  Made by runners listening to runners' needs...but not just limited to running - you can do anything in Spandits!  Also made with high quality that will last forever!  Yes..I still have my original pair of Spandits.  Actually, I have every single item I've purchased from Spandits.

Are you sold yet?  Spandits just added a few new prints.  You should check them out, buy some for yourself or friends ... because you know, Christmas is coming up!  And use SPANDITSLOVE for 10% and of course, say Jen B from Running With The Girls sent you!

And after you wear your Spandits - share your love on Instagram and always use #SeenInSpandits.

disclaimer:  I received a pair to review as part of my participation in the Rise.Run.Retreat.  However, I was not required to provide a positive review.  As you can tell, I already have a great love for Spandits.  


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