Focus on the Positive

Just over a month ago, I was honored to have lunch with Deena Kastor - only a week after she broke the women's master's record in the marathon. She crushed the previous record and ran her marathon in 2:27:47!  Umm, can I get a hell yeah!  Total rockstar status.  But a real person too.  Which is why I love Deena!

So here I am.  Over a month ago, still digesting my experience with Deena.  Still thinking about the powerful advice she shared with the Runner's World Influencers.   

Focus on what's good.  

Oh my word.  Truer words have never been spoken.  What's the point of dwelling on the negative?  Absolutely nothing!  

Her words apply to running, in relationships and teaching - and well, life!  Have a side stitch?  Switch your focus to your right quad that is feeling great instead!   

As I glance down at the Momentum bracelet choice of the day - whether I'm running, at work, out running errands, I love reading the positive message on my bracelet.  They have a way of making me feel empowered to take on whatever comes my way!  

Deena also shared her struggles when she was returning to running after the birth of her sweet and energetic daughter was born.  I made a real connection with her on this level.  Get this, she struggled with balancing it all just like every women I have met (either in person or virtually).  

Balancing family, kids, work and running and life can be quite difficult, but don't give up! If it's something you truly want to do, you will figure out a way to make it happen. Trust that.


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