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The Fast 5 Shoe Review

A shoe name like that makes you want to run in it, right?  Absolutely!  Even if you say you don't want to be a faster runner, deep down inside, you know you do!

I've run in Karhu's before.  I was impressed before and I continue to be impressed.  The Karhu Fast 5 is quite the shoe! They look like a standard shoe.  But there is nothing standard about them at all.

I read a fabulous blog post the other day from @carlabirnberg which definitely rings true with me... And this @momentumjewelry bracelet fits is quite fitting for my upcoming @philly_marathon Reining it in....and putting everything I have into this race! #philadelphiamarathon A photo posted by Jen Boudreau (@runningwtg) on Nov 4, 2015 at 11:52am PST

The Fulcrum Technology is definitely not standard.  There are 3 principals around the Fulcrum Technology - Feel, Ride, and Stride.

Feel - lowers the foot to ground angle for a smoother, more comfortable landing.  The lower dorsiflex position reduced injury risk and elimi…

Love and Gratitude

This year has been a roller coaster kind of year.   We started out 2015 with a small "cyst" growing in the middle of my son's nose.  We had it removed twice.  But then it returned with vengeance in October.  Since that time we've been seeing specialists - ENT, Dermatologist, a 2nd opinion plastic surgeon.  All have read the same pathology report from August.  All have given us different interpretations.  The most helpful of the specialists was a dermatologist who said it's not just a cyst, it's a rare, benign tumor.  Of course she added more words to this and of course it sent me in a tailspin.  I'll spare you the details because right now, we're not dealing with that other scenario.

This past week we finally made it to the Children's Hospital to see a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon who has more expertise in the area of rare benign growths.  And we were so relieved and thankful that this doctor feels that the growth is benign.  This rare growth is grow…

Win It Wednesday!

I have an extreme weakness for snacking and sweets.   Once I have just one little bite, I'm a goner.  

I stay in check much better when I focus on eating clean and staying away all of those temptations... you know... chips, brownies, cupcakes.  I could go on and on, but you get the idea!  

Now how on earth do I get through the day without breaking?  First of all, I'm super stubborn.  That helps.  Second, I make sure I'm well stocked with healthy snack options.  

And lucky for me.... Big Slice has 16 DELICIOUS flavors to choose from!
pure  *orange ginger  *apricot  *natural *blueberry pomegranate *lemon berry *chai *cherry vanilla
fit  *banana mango and hemp seed *peach green tea and aloe *pineapple passion fruit and fiber *raspberry hibiscus and green coffee extract 
luxe  *peach bellini  *cinnamon candy  *boysenberry chocolate  *cinnamon french toast  *caramel 

What makes Big Slice snack pouches perfect for me?   *Most pouches are  under 100 calories!  *Most NON GMO (pineapple passion fruit is th…

Tried It Tuesday

Time is flying by!  I cannot believe it's Tuesday already.  Was Monday just a flash?  Craziness!!!

I'm trying to slow down time and take in all of the family time I can - hugging these kids as much as possible.  They are what makes my life go round.  Well, Ward too.  Of course!  

I'm finding that eating healthy is definitely not a struggle for me.   Don't get me wrong.  I do love my sweets too!  I love eating healthy foods...especially trying out new snacks from brands that I already love.   When Manitoba Hearts reached out to me to try out their new bars, I had to jump in on the fun!  

Each Hemp Heart bar has 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of omegas.    It's easy to just grab one of these bars on your way out the door for a quick snack for anytime of day.  And the flavors!!!!!  Chocolate.  Vanilla.  Apple Cinnamon.  All delicious flavors.  

I like them before a run or after a run.  It didn't matter to me.  They were light so I didn't get tha…

Motivation Monday

It's a good day!  It's Monday.  The start to a new week.  Time for new opportunities.  Time to get moving!!!!  

What is motivating you to move today and everyday?  For me, a healthier and happier Jen is my motivation.  Also - being with these two little beautiful kiddos and my loving husband - drives me to be more motivated than ever to be happy and healthy.  

My running hasn't been what it was pre-marathon - because, well, I was training for a marathon then...and I'm not right now!  BUT, I'm running.  I'm running 5 days a week for my health.  For my sanity.  Our family is in the midst of a medical issue (I will share more when I'm ready and when I have more information - right now we're just waiting, which is driving me absolutely crazy!).  Running has been my saving grace right now.  I am forever thankful for running.  

One new running gear item I've been trying out is the XG4 insole.  At first glance, I was thinking "no way will that feel go…

Friday Favorites + A Giveaway!

Happy Friday!  Are you ready for the Holiday Season yet?  We're getting there!  

I created an Advent "Calendar" for the kids this year.... that takes up an entire wall in our kitchen.  It was just a vision I had - so I ordered 12 pairs of fuzzy, holiday socks from Amazon, then hung them up with clothes pins on some twine, attached some numbers, and stuffed them with little goodies for the kids.  I was actually please with how it turned out!  Now I need to keep Izzy from stealing the socks and wearing them to school because I'd love to reuse it again next year.  The one tweak I'll do is make some better numbers on little wooden disks and attach them to the socks or the clothes pin.

In terms of fitness, I'm loving a more laid back approach to running and a heavier focus on yoga, strength and overall fitness, rather than cramming in tons of running for marathon training.  It's rather refreshing.  It's also given me some time to reflect on what I loved u…

Injury Prevention - Growing Smarter Athletes

Something that I am proud about is that my family is active.  We all have our own forms of fitness that make us happy, which is even better!  

Izzy loves dancing.  This girl fell in love with it a few years ago, thanks to the best babysitter ever!  I'm thrilled to see Izzy's smile when she talks about dance, practices her moves, and even more - the smile when I pick her up.  You know that smile.  The dancer's high.  For me, it's the runner's high.  But Izzy - it's definitely a dancer's high.  

Tucker, on the other-hand, LOVES soccer!    He's been playing soccer since he was 4 years old in our Boys and Girls youth league, made the 7th/8th grade middle school team this fall and is currently playing indoor soccer with a local league.  

One thing that makes me nervous is his safety.  Tucker's a smaller kid for his age.  Huge feet (size 9 men's) but barely 5 feet.  Most kids in the 7th grade tower over him!  For this indoor soccer league- he's pl…